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My Ghana Experience

This journal will be a glimpse of my experience volunteering in a preschool in Ghana.

Happy and Healthy!

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Nov 13, 2012
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Many things have happened since I wrote last!  Friday, after the canopy walk, Roz went to the clinic because she was not feeling well.  Unfortunately she has malaria.  To get it on your first week is very bad luck! Many people here have gotten it and after some medication you are better.  I am taking my malaria pills everyday and using a lot of bug spray.  Friday night I went back to Oasis for some drinks with the other volunteers. It turned into a night of a lot of laughs and dancing. I had to be up very early the next morning for an excursion so I made sure to not stay out too late.

Saturday morning I met Sarah, the volunteer coordinator, at the Proworld house.  Roz was not able to come because she was still sick.  We took an hour drive to the point on the slave walk where the slaves had their “last bath”.  The slaves had been walking for 3 months and they stopped at this point in the river to clean up and get ready to be sold.  After that we drove to the slave castle where the slaves where held while they were waiting to be sold.  It was very emotional being there.  We were taken down to the cells where the slaves were chained and saw how little space and light they had.  The conditions were terrible and a lot of the slaves died in those cells.  There was a door labeled “The door of no return”, which was the last door the passed through to get to the slave ships.  We had a very informational tour and I took many pictures to show you. 

Next we had lunch at a restaurant on the beach with some of the other volunteers.  After Sarah and I did lots of shopping! After a long day in the sun I went home an attempted to nap.  Ghana is not a prime napping location.  It is hot and so noisy.  I was not able to fall asleep so I watched a movie and went to bed early.  Sunday morning all the volunteers planned a trip to a beach resort! It was a beautiful day for it.  We got our tan on and had drinks on the beach.  The restaurant was very nice there.  Every restaurant I go to I end up ordering hamburgers with fries to get some sense of home.  I am really starting to miss the food at home. 

I’ve had two more days of school.  This week I am going class to class to work with different teachers.  I am enjoying working with different ages and teachers.  School is exhausting though.  I am always trying to yell over everyone and it is just so hot.  I find myself ready for bed by 8pm everyday.  Today I am back at the Proworld house to get a cooking lesson from a staff member, Mabel.  I always like the days when all the volunteers get together!

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  • User Profile Photo
    Dennis Beauchene wrote: Wed Nov 14, 2012
    Beach resorts - I thought you were there to work?! Stay healthy!
  • User Profile Photo
    Lydia wrote: Wed Nov 14, 2012
    Hi Andrea. Brady misses you. He is doing lots of tummy time now and we are holding down the babysitting, but just temporarily.