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My Ghana Experience

This journal will be a glimpse of my experience volunteering in a preschool in Ghana.

Hello from abroad!

France Paris, France  |  Nov 02, 2012
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 "We just closed the Eiffle Tower" 

Hello everyone! I'm writing from Paris! It's after 3am here so I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I am having the best time! I already feel like I've been gone so long. We have had no problems with traveling and everyone has been so helpful. First Joe and I had a layover in Toronto. Joe and I have never been there so we decided to take a shuttle bus into town during our layover. It was a great chance to check out the city. We then made it safely to London where we took the train into the city. Our hotel room was very tiny and we had a good laugh at that. We were staying right down the street from the London eye and across the river from Big Ben. It was a rainy day but we got a chance to ride the London Eye and take a river boat tour. The views were amazing. We stopped at a local pub for some food and beer and then took a much needed nap. We found a nice place for dinner for some fish and chips then took a nice night walk to see everything lit up. We went out for some drinks at the bar next to our hotel and enjoyed watching the night life. We were disappointed how early everything closed up. We got some sleep and woke up early to head to Buckingham Palace. We got to see the changing of the guards and faught our way through the massive crowds of people. It was a much nicer day with no rain.

We were then back on the train to the airport. Our flight took off 45 minutes late but we made it to France in time to see the sun set. We took a long train ride into Paris and found our hotel very easily. We headed out to find some dinner after not eating all day. After dinner we decided to go to the top of the Eiffle Tower. There was no wait and the view was amazing. We met some fellow Americans at the top and sat under the tower for over an hour talking. It was getting very chilly so we found a bar to grab some hot chocolate. It was getting late and they kicked us out. We headed back our separate ways to get some sleep, which none of us seem to be doing. Joe did a great job of picking the hotel and I can't wait to get up in a few hours and explore more! I already know one day here was a terrible idea! I am very excited to head to Ghana tomorrow and can't wait to tell you more! Goodnight all!

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  • User Profile Photo
    Biedda wrote: Mon Nov 12, 2012
    That's amazing! I would love love loveeee to be around cute little preschoolers! How long were you there for?
  • User Profile Photo
    Laura wrote: Fri Nov 2, 2012
    You didn't eat all day? Whaaaat?!? Seriously though, so happy you're having a blast!
  • User Profile Photo
    Liz wrote: Fri Nov 2, 2012
    Gahh! So excited for you :) Loved reading about your last few days in Europe. Can't wait to read your next entry! Love you!
  • User Profile Photo
    Dennis Beauchene wrote: Thu Nov 1, 2012
    Does life get any better than a day in Paris??? :-)