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My Ghana Experience

This journal will be a glimpse of my experience volunteering in a preschool in Ghana.


United States Illinois, United States  |  Sep 12, 2012
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 This experience will change my life. 

Welcome to my journal! I am so excited to be able to pursue a goal I have had for many years.  I have wanted to travel abroad and work with children and this fall I will be traveling to Ghana to work in a preschool.  My specific dates are October 29th-Novemeber 19th.  I am so happy one of my best friends, Joey Huberty, will be joining me.  We decided we wanted to have a little extra fun first and are traveling first to London and Paris before making our way to Ghana.  

It has taken a lot of preparation to make this trip possible.  You have to apply, be approved, get shots, book flights, and fill out lots of paper work.  It is all going to be worth it.  In the last couple months I have received five shots and will have to take typhoid pills and two months worth of malaria pills.  Joe and I have booked many flights and will get the chance to travel through the airports of many different countries. 

I have had many opportunities to talk with organizers of the program and spoke with a coordinator via skype. I was given a description of the school I will be working in and what my tasks will be. I also learned we will be going on a safari our first weekend! I can wait to meet the organizers and other volunteers.  This experience will change my life.  I am so thankful for everyone that has made it possible and can't wait to get there!  


Here is the description of my placement-

The Education Starts in Preschool project is a private school and nursery for about 70 children. The children belong to fishermen and other adults with low-income jobs making it difficult for them to pay their children’s monthly school fees or even take proper care of them. The establishment of the school is as a result of the proprietress passion to take care of the less privileged.


The school’s main aim for the placement is to expose volunteers to Ghanaian culture and early childhood development practices in and to promote open communication between the volunteers and school administrators to allow for improvements. There are five classrooms total. You would be placed in any of the classrooms depending on their preference when you get on site. The nursery has about 30 children from ages three months to five years.


As a volunteer your role will include but not limited to the following:

1. To assist teachers in the classroom or have one-on-one reading and writing lessons with the children

2. To educate the teachers on principles of early childhood development and to make culturally sensitive suggestions to improve the infrastructure of the school as needed

3. To be a role model for the children

4. To start and participate in an afterschool club of the your choice

5. To promote the use of the school library and keep it in order

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