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My Ghana Experience

This journal will be a glimpse of my experience volunteering in a preschool in Ghana.

Sleep, who needs it?

Egypt Cairo, Egypt  |  Nov 03, 2012
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Once again I am posting at 4am. This time from Cairo, Egypt. I can't seem to get much sleep. I have a 6 hour layover here. Joe and I had another fabulous day in Paris. We started off with some lattes and went on the river boat tour. It was another rainy day. It rained almost the whole trip. After the boat tour we got some crepes. I made the mistake of saying yes to coco which I thought would be chocolate, but was coconut. Oops. We took a cab to the Musee du Louvre and walked around there. It was breathtaking. We wandered around for awhile (meaning we got sort of lost) and then made our way to Notre Dame. It was pretty cool. Our time there was limited because it was a downpour. So we got more lattes at a fun cafe! After that it was time to pack up and of course, just like London, the sky parted and the sun came out right as we were leaving. We got some beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower at sunset and hopped back on the train for another long ride back to the airport. Paris was amazing and I already want to go back. I was very impressed with how well Joe navigated the trains. We said our sad goodbyes and parted ways after a great time together. I somehow read the wrong terminal number and got off on the wrong side of the airport. So traveling alone was off to a great start. I am flying EgyptAir and let's just say, I may be the only blonde in Egypt. Everyone has been very nice though. I am very surprised how nice and helpful people have been the whole trip! The flight to Cairo was delayed, making all my flights, including my next one to Ghana, delayed. The airplane food was sooo good. Don't ask me what it was but it was delicious. There was a little boy that was singing to the whole plane. It was very cute but on 4 hours of sleep at 2 in the morning I wanted to throw my pillow at him. (I'm going to make a great teacher) Joe did the coolest thing an wrote me letters to open up at certain points of my trip. He wrote one for me to open on the plane and for those of you who know me well I tend to get emotional very easily. After a good sobfest from the awesome letter I pulled myself together. So now I'm sitting in the food court at the Egypt airport. I have my head covered because every woman here does, and because my mom told me to. I do what mom says. I am so happy this airport has free wifi even if it’s spotty. Tomorrow I'll be in Ghana and get to meet all the other volunteers and staff! I'm super excited and hope I can get some sleep before I get there. No idea how much I'll be able to post while I'm there but I will do my best!

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