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learn a language, volunteer in a needy community, experience a new culture through volunteering, go sightseeing, meet new people, gain professional experience, change the world [somehow]

  • 29 years old
  • From Minnesota, United States
  • Currently in Oaxaca, Mexico

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This journal entry is about some of the things that I have seen in the last four weeks in Oaxaca, M...

This is an update about my internship in Oaxaca Mexico.

Pre-trip preparations and the reality that this is actually happening.

There have been some great opportunities that have just recently been opened up to me in preparatio...

Anticipating my departure for Oaxaca, Mexico.

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    Gail wrote: Thu May 3, 2012
    Enjoy the experience, Aaron! We'll miss you :)
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    DrGangeness wrote: Sun Apr 29, 2012
    Take Care Aaron! I look forward to your posts.

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Travelled to 2 countries

Canada, Mexico

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