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  • 29 years old
  • From Minnesota, United States
  • Currently in Oaxaca, Mexico

Five Months Until Departure

Anticipating my departure for Oaxaca, Mexico.

Five Months Until Departure

United States Minnesota, United States  |  Jan 05, 2012
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As Christmas break is coming to an abrupt end, time seems to become even more of a valuable resource. With classes starting on Monday, I am frantically trying to get prepared for this semester, working on my research thesis, reviewing my Spanish, as well as fund raising and planing ahead for my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico this coming summer. At times this has been an overwhelming experience, but am very much looking forward to the things to come. I am also not entirley sure on what to expect during the three months that I will be involved in the community health care program with Proworld volunteer corps, but am excited nonetheless. It has really been the support of my family, girlfriend, and teachers that have helped me continue to push through the many tasks that I am looking to accomplish in the upcoming months. As May comes closer the anticipation of my trip to Oaxaca has slowly become much more of a reality. I know that I will gain much more than I will give during my time in Oaxaca, but hope to eventually use the knowledge and experience that I will acquire in the upcoming months to give back to the comunities that need the most. As for now, I am turning my attention to the spring semester of my Junior year in my nursing degree to build some of the fundamental skills that I hope to incorporate during my time in Oaxaca.  

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  • Five Months Until Departure

    January 05, 2012
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