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Learning a new language.

  • 29 years old
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  • Currently in Urubamba, Peru


Getting to know Peru

And the Adventure continues..

Peru Peru  |  Jun 09, 2011
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Buenos Tardes!

So it's about 4:30 here in Urubamba and I am SO tired. Today I woke up bright and early from my living alarm clock ( a rooster) ate breakfast which was delicious my homestay mother Sonya made us grilled cheese sandwhiches with tomatoes.So good. After a semi hot shower I got dressed and was off to ProPeru. Hamie the contractor who pretty much runs the clean burning stove project arrived and we were off. We walked to the local bus station and loaded into the van. Like 17 of us. Transportation itself here is an adventure you'll never forget. We didn't travel too far today to build stoves- we worked in section 4 of Urubamba and arrived at a small house to start construction. The family whose house we were working in ran a small resturant from there home and the mother cooks a lot of food for the locals, and fiestas! So we made our first double stove with 4 burners instead of two. The mother of the house was so excited about her new kitchen she couldn't hide it even if she tried. One of her sons came home and intrudced himself as "Carlosjuan" which is.. one name. I asked him how old he was and he responded that he was 22, same as me. He was so friendly and wanted to assist us volunteers as much as he could. While we took a little breather and a few swigs of water he started bring out all of these baby animals that lived in/ and around the house. First he showed us a baby guine pig or "cuy" and let all of us volunteers pet, which surprisingly was so cute! .. Followed by kittens, which topped it all off. He was so friendly and really made me think. It was simple but it was nice to feel like i was communicating with him without even speaking as I was having some trouble phrasing my spanish. It's amazing how people who live all over the world and come from different cultures,religions,families think that we are all different from one another.But really I've come to terms that we are all the same. We all want to make the best out of the lives that we have been given. We all want the absolute best for our families and those that we care about so much. But mostly, we all want to be understood, appreciated, and respected. Just something to think about. After we completed the stove Hamie hailed down a "taxi" and chelsea and i got out at the Plaza de Armas. We said our goodbyes and departed to return home to our houses for lunch which was soup, FRENCH FRIES, and vegetables. Sooo good. After lunch I sat down with my homestay mother and sister (Beckita) and chatted for a while. I pulled out my notebook to study a little bit before my spanish class with my teacher Alvasaro who is SO cool. My mother got so excited when she saw my spanish dictionary and she helped me practice for about an hour or so. Sonya loves teaching me phrases, and foods so much that I somehow can never seem to refuse. Although it's really hard to communicate with her and my homestay father because they know a limited amount of English-it feels empowering to at least hear her say once "Bravo Chacita muy bien" Well Im off to spanish in about 10 minutes and I need to fill up my water bottle- I never loved water so much in my life.haha. Just wanted to do a quick update. Until later "ciao ciao"

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    Mom wrote: Wed Jun 15, 2011
    Love your post. Keep them coming and keep us informed. Keep learning Spanish and building those stoves!!!
  • Getting to know Peru

    June 06, 2011
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  • And the Adventure continues..

    June 09, 2011
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