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A day with Jaime

really getting to meet the people.

A day with Jaime

Peru Urubamba, Peru  |  Jul 13, 2011
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Today Christina and I traveled with Jaime the project director for the stoves to a new town. It actually is in urubamba but the sector is totally different. We took a Combi to the town where we were going to be doing surveys. We walked to the bus station and Hamie introduced us to one of his friends. Her name was Frances. He told us that she would be coming with us for the day because she is superb at speaking and translating Quechua. After about a 25 minute ride we arrived in the sector known as Pesa. Quite and under a lot of construction we were greeted by the workers standing by- which is always a nice feeling to know that you are welcome. It is really important for us to feel comfortable in order for us to be able to work our hardest and be of the most service we can be. We had specific houses to tend to because they had arranged a meeting with ProPeru prior to today. It's really hard to go to houses when you arent certain that people will be home. For the lack of cell phones and technology makes things more complicated sometimes. We entered our first home where we were greated by the entire family. As the oldest member in the family looked at us a little strange while she was gutting a pig the size of a great dane, I found it a little bit hard not to stare. For you do not see things like that everyday in America. We entered the kitchen "Cocina" and evaluated there pre-exhisting stove- if you can call it that. The house was filled with smoke- and the walls were dark and coated with inches of soot from smoke. We then sat down and filled out paperwork by asking them basic information about there home, how many people lived in the house, how many children they had- what they use there stoves for- it was a little shocking to find out that many in this community used there current stoves more for making Chicha (Alcohol) then for food (comida)- Then again, I have learned that you must do whatever needs to be done to survive in the world. To take care of your family and friends. As the hours passed and we surveyed approximately eight families- feeling the strong sun on our backs we headed back to Urubamba. Hamie showed me some pictures on his new camera (which he is SO excited about) Pictures from a town he traveled to and made a beautiful stove. After the volunteers were finished the ENTIRE town (pueblo) came out to see the results. Clearly excited and happy withthe work done- they threw an enormous fiesta to thank hamie and the volunteers for there hard work. Although i was not there- i still felt a sense of being a part of it. Because we all share the same vision and goal- which is to better the lives of those who are in need.  As per usual I fell asleep on the way home with Hamies shoulder as the perfect pillow. Finally we reached Urubamba and tired from walking and the sun feeling strong- we headed back to the ProPeru house. On the way Hamie told me and Christina our name in Quechua. Kristina was "Kristidana" and my name is apparently "Gatdida" I don't know why but this little factor gave me great amusement. For the language of Quechua is so beautiful, and complex, with a hint of a Japanese sound to it. I can only say basic phrases and numbers 1-5 but I suppose that is better then nothing. Well i must be off to shower and rid myself of inches of dirt. Until later-

Ciao Ciao

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  • A day with Jaime

    July 13, 2011
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