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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.

In Flight...

Belize Belize  |  Jan 04, 2011
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 Well, I haven’t left the U.S. yet, but I already love this adventure! 

January 4, 2011

In flight from Houston to Belize City

            Well, I haven’t left the U.S. yet, but I already love this adventure!

God blessed me with a row to myself, which I am especially grateful for after sitting next to a snorer from Seattle. Now I have 2 hours to look forward to whatever will greet me in Belize.

            Just sitting at my gate in Houston I got very excited. I was watching people pass and based on what they were wearing I tried to determine if they were going to Belize. I especially paid attention to people around my age, curious if any would be in my study abroad program.

            In the terminal and in the process of boarding this 747, I met several nice people, which only boosted my excitement.  Waiting to check in I met two men who are going spear fishing (I think..?) off an island in the North East. They have been to Belize several times and told me I will love the kind people of the nation. I later learned that one of the men used to fish in Northern California on the Klamath River! They told me of a spice that is very common in Belize, I can’t recall the name, but they said it is commonly eaten and I will love it! The men also gave me two warnings: the bumpy ride to San Ignacio and the roosters in San Ignacio.  I didn’t understand what they meant, but they reassured me that I would understand upon my arrival.

            As I boarded I met two women, one of which is a native. She was a short middle-aged woman with dark skin, hair, and eyes from Belize City.  She said that she would love to live in San Ignacio and described the jungles “unspoiled beauty”.  She warned me that I would not want to leave.

            Another conversation started with my new Croc Flats (thanks Mom :D)  A girl about my age complimented them and we began to chat. She is also going to San Ignacio to volunteer for 2 months in a jungle lodge. I would like to talk to her more and hope I will get her name before we land. 

            The drink service has almost arrived, so that is all for now.  Thank you God for this trip and I offer it to you!

First so far:   

            -First flight over the ocean (well, I guess coming back from Alaska I did too, but never the Gulf of Mexico)

            -First international flight (I loved being in the airport just watching people. The gate next to us was going to Quito!)

            -First time to see Mexico (Just looked out my window expecting to see more water and then, BAM! There it was :D )

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