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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.

Another week!

Belize San Ignacio, Belize  |  Jan 16, 2011
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 Well, the weekend has come again and there is so much to write about. 

January 16, 2011

In my bedroom

            Well, the weekend has come again and there is so much to write about.  This week I met lots of people, settled in to my classes, spent time with my host family, and became a little bit more familiar with San Ignacio.  I am pleased to say that I can now navigate my way through the major streets in town and somewhat understand the bus system.  Which is kind of a big deal.

            Last time I blogged I was feeling a little lonely since I had not found other Christians or friends to adventure with, but thanks to God that has changed.  In my geology class there is a girl named Ana, who is a Christian and enjoys the outdoors and a boy Kenny who is looking to start a Christian club at Galen.  On Friday Ana and I went for a hike at La Casa Blanca, where injured birds are helped until they can be released into the wild.  There is also a short, nice trail on the property.  When we arrived there was a man gardening who offered us a tour.  He was very kind and noticed my shirt because he has worked with Proworld volunteers in the past.  When we complimented his beautiful landscaping he said he is “practicing for the future” because we are promised a paradise in heaven.  I liked his way of thinking and plan to visit again.

            As I walked up the hill I saw kids jumping up and down and cheering.  They were looking past me to a small plane that was spraying pesticides on the bean crop below.  When I heard the airplane I thought nothing of it, but for these kids it was a great moment.  Airplanes do not fly over Cayo very often and this one was circling nearby.  It was fun to see their excitement as they all pointed with their eyes fixed on the yellow plane.  The neighborhood kids asked me what it was spraying and I tried to explain pesticides.  Then we all imagined the plane flying over us and spraying us with water.  We laughed and then we began to imagine if it landed on our street.  One girl, Alandra (sp?), found it very funny to ask me: “What if the plane landed on your head? Then what would happen? And your toe?...”  The kids were so genuine and joyful.  I met about 6 neighborhood girls that day.  I took note that one of them, the youngest, was wearing purple dress up high heels just like I used to have.

            Saturday I rose early and went to the Market.  The Market takes place every Saturday downtown and deserves a capital ‘M’ because it is huge.  I assumed it would just have produce, but it had absolutely everything, from socks to DVD’s to souvenir items.  It is a bustling place and I saw many local people, and some Americans.  I began talking to a couple, John and Christina, who are from Missouri and just moved to Belize with six of their children.  They are hoping to buy a home here (perhaps a dairy farm) and spread the love and knowledge of Christ to the Belizean people.  It was so refreshing to meet such a strong Christian couple with a vision and passion for Christ and I hope to spend time with them in the future. 

            I left the market with Enita (Martha’s daughter/Emir’s mother) , Sam (her husband), and Emir.  We walked around town and eventually headed to the park to play soccer.  Sam is an excellent player, and we were both glad to play soccer with a real ball in the park, rather than the kids ball in the side yard we used for over 2 hours on Thursday.  Eventually some other guys came with a ball and began playing nearby, but they declined playing with Sam and I.  Enita later told me that they likely would not play with us because I am a girl.  That hurt.  Regardless, I love that people love soccer here.  There are five channels dedicated solely to broadcasting ‘futbol’. I was debating what I should call soccer here, so I asked Sam.  I thought if I said ‘futbol’ people may assume I mean American football because I am white, but if I say ‘soccer’ I really seem like a gringo.  Sam smiled and said no one would think of American football here because it is so uncommon.  These people really appreciate the value of futbol J.

            Last night Enita, Sam, Laura and I had a campfire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows.  It was very fun and we tried some strawberry marshmallows we found at the store.  I am not sure if they have these in America, but I do not recommend them, unless you are partial to strawberry flavored fluoride.

            This morning I went to Cornerstone Church, which is less than a mile from where I am staying.  It was a building full of people that were lively and passionately worshiping God.  The pastor gave the sermon in English, but a woman, translated it phrase by phrase to Spanish.  It was more than just a great Spanish lesson for me though and I truly enjoyed the service.  After worship the children of the church came forward and each delivered a verse they had memorized that week, it was beautiful and challenging. 

            Now I am wrapping up my homework and looking forward to the coming week.  I will have my second week of classes, project orientation, and another Proworld adventure on the weekend.  Praise God for the beautiful people of Belize!

New Culinary Experiences:

-Watermelon Juice.  It is absolutely delicious.  I love it.

-Seaweed. Yeah, it sounds terrible, but it is a really good drink.  Sort of like almond milk, but that could be because I had the peanut flavor.

-Chicken Foot Soup.  I seriously thought I had a leg, until I bit it and felt the little toes.  Not such a fan of the chicken feet yet, so for now I will pass.

Other things: 

-Today I was sitting outside and heard something drop on my table.  I looked up and it was a gecko pooping.  That does not happen at home.

- At dinner Laura asked Emir the color of his cup.  He promptly responded, “Mickey Mouse!”.  We all agreed that is one cool color. 

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