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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.


Belize San Ignacio, Belize  |  May 25, 2011
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 Three images stick in my mind from my time here. For me they speak volumes about the position of this country and the hope it has. 

This morning was one of my last mornings in Cayo, so I did my best to give it a proper goodbye with a long run.  I combined some of my favorite runs that I have discovered here and went through the orange orchards, up the Mecal River, through the jungle, and passed the stadium on the way back.  I skirted the town and cut through the main streets where I was greeted by the smell of fresh paint.  For the first time the streets downtown are painted with a yellow line down the center and a white strip on each side.  It looks good.

This weekend I saw lots of painted roads as I ventured up to Chetumal, Mexico with some of Martha’s family.   Not only were there paved roads, but there was Sam’s Club, huge highways, and Spanish practice galore.  I wondered if there would be a contrast between the two countries, and didn’t think Mexico would be very different than Belize.  But, I was sure wrong; after we crossed the border there was a definite switch.  Chetumal was very advanced in comparison and not the Mexico I imagined growing up in the US.  I know my perspective was much different entering from Belize.  To me Mexico was so advanced and developed, and I considered it my warm-up for going back to the US.

                  There were lots of things this week that made me increasingly excited to go home.  Being with Martha’s family as they celebrated a birthday party made me excited to see my own.  And a soft bed, warm shower, and Mom’s food keep beckoning me back.

                  I felt accomplished this weekend as I completed my traveling in Belize and saw the last two districts in the North: Orange Walk and Corozal.  I am proud to have seen every district, and though I didn’t get all around Central America, I did see this country well, which is special to me.

                  Now with only three days, its time for finishing things up and saying goodbyes.  People keep asking when I will come back, but the best I can do is promise as soon as I can.

Three images stick in my mind from my time here. For me they speak volumes about the position of this country and the hope it has. 

-             •Walking up a hill on a gravel road, I look down at a house, which was a roughly built with a cemented circle in the awkward side yard.  The setting was pretty drab, but in the center of the cemented circle was a baby.  Content, playing with one toy in the midst of the mess surrounding it.

-            •The setting was similar to the last.  A dark yard, but hanging from one of the crisscrossing clotheslines was a stunning wedding dress.  It was pure white and hung perfectly in the sunlight almost glowing.

-            •The last was in the north we were passing through villages that line the road and a house caught my eye. Like many of the buildings here, the first story was completed in cement, but steel rods stuck out where a second story could be built.  Sitting on top was a girl, around 8 years old, gazing straight ahead, holding a toddler in her lap. 

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