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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.

Language Lessons

Belize Belize  |  Jan 24, 2011
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 Today was a day of languages! 

Today was a day of languages! It started when I got on the bus to come to school and sat next to a man named Asaf. He is from a small village near Gaza in Israel and speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew. He was very kind and has traveled all over South and North America. I enjoyed our conversation and requested that he teach me some things in Hebrew. He was happy to think about Hebrew, since he has been speaking Spanish and English so much recently. Unfortunately the bus arrived at Galen far too so soon, but I did leave with a page of notes on Hebrew and a new friend.
When I got to school I attended my Communication, Spanish, and Cultural Linguistics classes (catch a theme?) and then met with my friend Victor. Victor is a Belizean, of Kikchi Mayan decent, and still speaks Kekchi. He shared several phrases with me, and promised that we will work on it more.
So the phrase of the day is:
Kacua a’an laj colonel. (Kekchi Mayan)
Yeshu Hu Moshayeno. (Hebrew)
Jesús es nuestro Salvador. (Spanish)

Jesus Is our Savior.
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