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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.

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Belize Belize  |  Jan 19, 2011
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 Yesterday's thoughts and impressions 

The bugs here like me just as much as the ones at home. So, as usual, my legs are full of scabs and bites. I am going to try to be a more diligent with bug spray.

A block here is much smaller than at home, because lot sizes are much smaller. And even though there are lots of big shops downtown, there are little stores in each neighborhood.

The other day I saw a hand painted license plate. The taxis here have green plates with white characters. This one was a license plate flipped over and hand painted green with characters. Pretty sure that doesn’t fly in the US, and not the cab I want to catch.

Just saw a lady walking down town balancing a big blue basket on her head. I am very impressed.

I found a restaurant downtown with free internet that I like. It is called Flayva’s and has a lovely outdoor dining area. The only thing I am concerned about is the bathroom door. There is a lock on the inside, as usual, but there are also two on the outside. I don’t know how they would be used, but I don’t want to get trapped.

Today the windshield of the bus I got on said in large letters : “AMOR ES DIOS”

Before I left the house Martha told me I should wear a hat. Definitely good advice. My fair skin has never faced such adversity in January.

“Cat calls” are far more accepted and frequent in this culture. People in general are also very friendly when passing on the street here. I have trouble distinguishing between the two.

I am quickly loosing my sympathy for all of the stray dogs. Especially when they run at me fiercely barking.

The drinking age is supposedly 18 here, but no one checks ID. My home stay explained to me ‘you are of age once you can see over the counter’.

Today I couldn’t get “Good Mawnin” out of my head. It plays every morning on the radio and is super catchy. So I caved and bought a CD of Belizean music from a gift shop. “Good mawnin Belize and good mawnin…”

There is no way to conceptualize how many tortillas and bananas I have eaten since I have been here. Rice and beans are also off the charts.

My love affair with warm showers is on hold while I am here.

It’s fun to be the foreign exchange student. It’s like the catchall excuse, sort of like when you’re a freshman. You can say strange things and people think nothing of it because you’re foreign. I capitalize on this freedom.

Chirping birds are nice. Good ambiance and all. But the squawking ones outside of my window could use some relaxers.

The country is so small that when Martha and Pablo watch the news they know some of the people. It also makes watching the Belizean version of American Idol fun.

The coldest weather most of these people have ever experience is the 60’s. I am ashamed to admit I was a bit chilly the other day when the sun was down, there is no excuse for that; I am involuntarily becoming a weather wimp.

It is becoming a habit to put used toilet paper in the garbage can provided, rather than in the toilet. They do this because the pipes are not designed to handle all that much.

With or without mousse my hair does the exact same thing here.

Just met a really cool couple from San Francisco on the bus. They were married in August, and at the beginning of the year they both quit their jobs and flew to Belize. They spend last weekend with 15 other friends in San Pedro and had plans until last night. Now they are just making it up as they go, flying by the seat of their pants. They will probably return to the states in June and defiantly are going to South America. What an awesome extended honeymoon..
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    Jim Turner wrote: Mon Jan 24, 2011

    Your blog is the best!!! I have completely enjoyed hearing of your adventure, the places, people, culture, history. Keep it coming. You have a great writing style that makes me feel like I am with you (which I am in thoughts and prayers).

    Take advantage of everything (which sounds like you are). Enjoy.


    Your Favorite Uncle (that would be Jim)