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A blog of my adventures while studying in San Ignacio, Belize.

Worth Fighting For

Belize San Ignacio, Belize  |  Apr 12, 2011
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Worth Fighting For

What is worth it? As it has become evident nothing comes without work.  As Dr. Lostkot put in our Galen orientation, “there is no free lunch”.   So true, and you really have to pick your battles because you can’t fight them all..

So, we are constantly faced with the decision, what is worth fighting for? Investing ourselves in? 

I have seen what it means to fight.  You need all the tenacity, hope, and faith and those are undoubtedly strengthened when you know that there is a God.

Miriam and Steve have showed me what is worth fighting for them: their son’s life.  Each day since the tumor was discovered they have been fighting on his behalf.  And hard.  They are using everything available to them to fight for their sons recovery.  And they really understand what Paul meant when he said to “pray continually”. 

Sometimes we fight for a cheaper price or with a ref for an offsides call.  There are all different levels. But through out a day, we pick up all these different battles.  I want to make sure to ask God help me choose which battles I invest my time in, and I must understand that ultimately if my will is against His I will lose a battle.  Which is hard to admit, even if His will doesn’t seem best for the situation. 

Its lead to a lot of thoughts for me. But it boils down to; I want to fight for things that are worth fighting for.  I want to be sure I am spending my time and energy on things that will make a difference.  And when I find a worthy cause, I need to fight with reckless abandon.

This semester I have enjoyed and am proud of the battles I have fought.  I want that to continue even as I prepare to go home.  Just because we lose some is no reason to stop fighting.  We can’t afford to give up.  We need to live our lives with eyes wide open.  We need to fight like crazy for those things that God places on our heart. 

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