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  • 24 years old
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finally in ecuador

My new life in ecuador

first weekend in Quito

Ecuador Ecuador  |  Oct 07, 2012
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 i love traveling 

So, it is my first weekend abroad and i have spent the last two days and two nights in Quito. I flew in really late on friday so i went straight to bed. On saturday, kate (the onsite director in ecuador) took me around the city a little bit. We went to parks, and checked out little markets where they sell really inexpensive trinkets and such, ran some errands in preparation for our excursion the next day and my journey to the coast, had lunch in a cafe with a really cool view, and desert in plaza in la mariscal, gringoville as its called the locals. Also happens to be the location of the hostel where i stayed this weekend. I met some of the other volunteers from the program and planned to go to bed early. Unfortunalty the really drunk ecuadoraisn had other plans and kept me up until past 2am with their 90's ballads and singing. The next day i rose early in order to meet everyone at a cafe before our excursion. It as basically a guided tour to the bottom of the glacier of volcano cotopaxi. It was pretty cold, windy foggy, snowy and haily haha. Not quite what i was picturing in my head before i came to ecuador. THe climb past the glacier is pretty technical and requires crampons, ice axe etc... Which most people were woefully underprepared to undertake seeing as they showed up in all cotton and sneakers. WHatever not a big deal just saying. We did however ride bikes from the top of the highest parking lot to the lowest, which was pretty fun. We had lunch at a ranch/hotel/hacienda and arrived back in quito around five. It wasnt raining for a change, (it has been pretty much all weekend). Went back to my room, uploaded some photos, showered, read and then i figured it would be a good time to write an entry because i leave tonight for muisne, where i doubt there is much in the way of interent. So fun weekend overall. Saw some funny stuff, learned a lot of new things. And yeah, thanks for reading
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    Granpa Joe wrote: Wed Nov 21, 2012
    Colin, so happy to come across this blog. I rarely go to Facebook. Burt my friend is in China adopting her beautiful daughter and her blog was on Facebook (Aunt teresa helped me navigate this white water). Somehow, I came to your entry under Facebook where I saw yoiur Mom's entry.
    Hiope things are gloing well for you, love that ylou've taken this leap to learn and gfrow. Thinking of you this Thanskgiving and we remember being toghether last Thanksgiving. Lot of change in a year. Love you, GP Joe
  • first weekend in Quito

    October 07, 2012
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