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What was the dumbest thing you ever did while traveling?

I ate some kind of fruit (still not sure exactly what it was) that a kid gave me. I paid for that mistake later...

  • From Washington, United States
  • Currently in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca de mi corazon

My four and a half months studying in Oaxaca MX

So Long and Thanks for all the...Tacos.

Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico  |  Dec 10, 2012
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 I told them that Oaxaca really knows how to party it up, and they laughed and said, "yeah we do!" They are pretty proud of it. 

As promised, I still contiued to have adventures! It was a good weekend for me, I must tell you all about it.

Friday I went on our final ProWorld project (and their final ProWorld project). We went to Tule to work with an organization called SiKanda. They do community sustainability with the families who live near the dumps and collect and sort the garbage. They are currently working on a place where they can harvest an organic fertilizer from compost. It's basically worm poop. They recieve organic waste and they have green cubicles where they let it rot to a certain point, then they cool in in blue cement beds, and then they have a bunch of worms in these green cement beds and they feed the worms this compost and the worms produce poop which can be used as an effective organic fertilizer. It's pretty cool. Friday we helped them start on a few garden plots and planting things. We painted wooden poles with really smelly paint (it was really bad, I think they may have mixed the compost run-off water with it) and then we moved some rocks, and we helped them plant creeper vines all along the fences. It was hard work because the ground was so tough, but it felt good to be doing something different  and helping them out. That evening back at the house, I helped the family decorate for Christmas! We put up the tree and untangled lights and put up Christmas curtains and all the decorations. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas. It was pretty cute to see the kids faces when they walked in and saw all the pretty lights and decorations.

Saturday I was invited to an outdoor concert at which my friend's band was playing. It was a pretty neat event, and I enjoyed listening to my friend's band, but the other bands were heavy metal and that's not really my thing. One guy got a bloody nose he was head-banging so hard. Intense! I hung out with my friends until it was time for the ProWorld party! All our families and bosses went to The Hub where the ProWorld office is and we had tamales and snacks and a traditional winter drink called ponche (like poncho but instead of the "o" it's an "eh" at the end) which is like a cider but with lots of different fruits. It was fun to meet everyone's families and eat yummy tamales. Afterwards we went out on the town and saw how the Zocalo is decorated for Christmas with noche buenas (poinsettias) and pretty lights. 

Sunday I was at home in the morning studying, and then in the afternoon the family invited me to mass because apparently the Virgin of Juquila's "day" was yesterday and it was going to be an important mass and they wanted me to experience it. On the way to mass they explained to me what December is all festivites and it starts with the days of the virgins. The Virgin of Juquila is the 8th, the Virgin Guadalupe is the 16th, and there was another one, but then th3 23rd is a special night and then the 24th of course Christmas eve, and then Christmas. As they told me this I was thinking in my head, "when is it never not a celebration here?" I love it. Well the mass was so special becasuse they had brought the Virgin here for the people who couldn't go to see her in Juquila. There were so many people! Our plan was originally just to go to mass and then go home, but there was a procession with the Virgin afterwards so we went...and ended up walking for two hours. I was so tired and coughing on the large cloud of incense, but it sure was an experience. They were singing "hail Mary" over, and over, and over again, and they had to stop at certain stations and have a mini service and there were lots of fireworks. Here in Mexico they don't have regulations like we do for fireworks so they were shooting them off right there in the street next to us! Poor Regina really didn't like them. When we finally got back to the church at 10:30pm, we ate in the market there and went to go see the after party. That was cool! They were throwing out gifts and candy and had pinatas and a band playing and a friend of mine from class was there and we danced. I am really gonna miss all the celebrations. I told them that Oaxaca really knows how to party it up, and they laughed and said, "yeah we do!" They are pretty proud of it. We got home at 11pm and my friend Nora called and wanted to go hang out in the centro, so more walking. We ended up just walking around and then back home because everything was closed. 

I've been sitting outside on my little porch here soaking up as much sun as I can before I have to leave. I only have six days left, and today is my last Monday! I already have lots planned for this week. Suzie's host family invited me over to visit before I go, and I am going to go see the Castellanos and I have to say goodbye to all my friends and hit all my favorite places one last time. It's hard to believe. If I wasn't flying out to California the 19th, I would have tried to work it out so I could stay a little longer, my family here really wants me to. Viri said that my parents planned that one well...

Well, I am going to go and try and figure out how to pack my other suitcase...this could be interesting. Until next time!

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