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First Day in Ghana

Flight, First sights, and First Night

Liftoff to Landing

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Aug 04, 2012
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 The astonishing thing about the venders was…THEY CARRIED IT ALL ON THEIR HEADS! 

Leaving the airport in Atlanta, the pilot informed the passengers of changes in our flight plan. Due to inclement weather, we had to take an alternative route...through Bermuda. My instant thought was, "Oh gosh! We're going through the Bermuda triangle never again to return!" The passenger next to me, a Ghanian native, mumbled, "We are late already, I wonder what time it will be when we get there." The passenger was a friendly guy, and informed me all about Cape Coast and the different languages spoken in Ghana. After liftoff he eventually dozed off and dinner soon arrived. It was a decent meal, seasoned beef, spinach, rice, friut and pumpernickel bread (ew!). But after dinner I watched The Avengers! One of the many bonuses of the flight was having a great selection of movies and TV shows to choose from. They even had Phineas and Ferb (yay daddy!) The only other eventful thing on my flight was the crying baby. He or she cried for the longest time! I didn’t understand how a child could cry for so long without getting a headache or falling asleep! But the baby did eventually fall asleep. Unfortunately, because of the limited space, I was only able to doze.

Upon my arrival in Ghana I met Kofi, a kind of quiet Proworld staff member. He led me to Kieran, who apparently arrived on the same flight that I did, and Amanda, who had arrived at the airport at 5 am that morning and waited for us. Amanda and I went to the restroom and discovered that their toilets had no backs, only the part that you sit on. Kofi found a taxi driver and Kieran was bombarded for tips by at least 3 men who “helped” us with our luggage. The 4 hour trip to Cape Coast was LONG and bumpy! We rode in a van shared by 6 other people but it wasn’t crowded. Ghanian driving is CRAZY! Daddy compares it to Italian driving. I thought we were going to die a couple of times! Cars came so close to each other that side view mirrors almost scraped the van. It was similar to my experience of playing bumper cars at the state fair. On the streets, people would come up to you trying to sell things while you were in your car. My first Ghanian food was crisped plaintains that tasted like potato chips. Kofi bought us each a bag. There were a lot of other items that were sold, including kabobs, shrimp, boiled eggs, water in both a bag and bottle, minutes for your phones and so much more! The astonishing thing about the venders was…THEY CARRIED IT ALL ON THEIR HEADS! I also saw mothers carrying their babies on their backs with scarves as opposed to the American custom of using papooses.

We arrived in Cape Coast safely, luckily, and met Mabel, a Proworld staff member and Sam, a volunteer who had to leave the next day. Dinner consisted of thin noodles, a tomato stew with onions (it was eaten over the noodles like meatless spaghetti), omelets, baked beans, watermelon and pineapples. I really enjoyed the stew.

We decided to be adventurous after dinner and instead of falling asleep, we went out and partied! The party took place on the roof of a homestay family’s house. There was dancing, drinking and more scrumptious food. We met other ProWorld participants and played games. We went to the beach and had even more fun! Eventually we came back to the house and had a lovely snack of peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches. Finally, we entered the world of sleep.

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  • Liftoff to Landing

    August 04, 2012
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