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Medical Mission Belize 5/19/11-5/29/11

Just a few words about our experiences in Belize. It was after my first year in nursing school and my first opportunity to do nursing assessments and care. We spent the last couple of days in the Cayes enjoying the ocean.

The first days in Belize

Belize San Ignacio, Belize  |  May 19, 2011
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 I went to Belize with the idea that I would be learning more from the people of Belize than they would learn from me. 

I went to Belize with the idea that I would be learning more from the people of Belize than they would learn from me. In fact, I was right. We arrived at the Belize City airport after our flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota which included a brief layover in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas. We got into Belize early in the afternoon and as soon as we exited the plane and walked down to the tarmac we were greeted with the heat and humidity that would stay with us for the remaider of our trip.

Customs got to be a little bit of a wait because we were carrying a vast supply of medicines in our luggage. In fact, each person had a small suitcase that contained a generous supply of over the counter medicines that had been donated by the Allina Medical group from Minneapolis. We got through, and fortunately, we were not searched as we were carrying amounts that were over the limit to be imported into the country. Belize is very strict on the amount of medical supplies that can enter the country.

We waited some time for our old school bus to arrive. We were advised to drink lots of fluids as it was very warm there. Unfortunately, they didn't stop to go to the bathroom and it was 2 and a half hours. We headin into Belize into the highlands and noted the terrain was more hilly. The forests were everwhere along with the fires which were burning uncontrollably.

Our first night we stayed a few miles out of San Ignacio at Clarrissa Falls on the river in an encampment and arrived after dark. When I awoke, I realized we were staying on one of the two main rivers that flow to the Belize river and out to the ocean. The water flowing over the falls was gorgeous and I spent a few moments before a delicous breakfast unwinding and reflecting on my personal values that had brought me to this wonderful place.

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  • The first days in Belize

    May 19, 2011
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