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What is your funniest travel experience?

While on a cruise along the West coast, my friend and I attended a "Hairy Man Contest" that they were holding on the main deck. Although it sounds a bit cheesy, it was actually a really hilarious experience.

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Description of my preparation for my travels this winter.


United States New York, United States  |  Nov 08, 2012
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With only a few months to go before my first trip to Cape Town, South Africa, in January. I am extremely excited to prepare myself for the month I will be spending there. I have amny friends who have grown up in/been to S.A. and they have nothing but great things to say about it. They say that is it a very beautiful and vibrant place. I love new culture and therefore am ecstatic for my first time ever to this beautiful country. I hope all goes well. 

I am also going to begin preparing for my trip to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in March. I have also heard great things about Brazil and it's culture and art. I will also attempt to learn some Portugese so I can converse with locals and enhance my trilingual abilities. 

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  • Preparation

    November 08, 2012
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