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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

20 hours and going strong!

United States Idaho, United States  |  Aug 31, 2012
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Well....I made it to Amsterdam! 20 hours in and I'm still feeling fantastic :) 

I left Boise early Thursday morning. I was definitely more emotional than I thought I would be. My mom and brother saw me off at the airport. I had some issues with the weight of my bags (go figure) and was running late for my flight which was probably a good thing. I didn't have time to be too sad about leaving.

I made it to Portland for an early lunch with my best friend, Ryan. It was definitely great seeing him. He always puts me at ease and I definitely needed that before leaving on this journey. 

The flight from Portland to Amsterdam was about 10 hours long. Holy moly! I watched a few movies, listened to music, looked at pictures and took a few naps. I have a 6 hour lay over in Amsterdam. I've been trying to skype with my mom for the past few hours. I finally gave in and bought a wifi card so I could use the internet while I'm here. I had to get a universal adaptor as well. I'm such a foreigner. I can only imagine the lost look that I have on my face. I love this new experiene tho. 

I shut off my phone in Portland. I think its going to be awesome to be disconnected for a few months. It was frustrating not being able to contact my mom though. We  are still trying to figure out how its all going to work once I get to Ghana. I'm sure it will all be just fine :)

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the love and support! I have so many great people in my life! I will be in Amsterdam for a few more hours. I need to try to get something to eat and maybe squeeze in a little nap before boarding my final plane to GHANA! I think that flight is a little over1 6 hours. I will be arriving around 8PM Ghana time, 2PM Idaho time. That is when my real adventure begins! Woo hoo!!!

Love you all :)

XOXO, Erin

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