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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

A new month....and many more adventures!

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 02, 2012
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I think I'm going to absolutely love living at my new home. I'm living with my Sister Ama and my little nephew Echo (its not spelled like that but that's how you pronounce it). Her husband is in the UK for 6 months. My new home is really nice. I have a really large bedroom. There is a big living room with a few couches and a TV. I didn't have a TV at my last house so I think it will be fun to have one here. The bathroom, shower and kitchen are all inside which is different from my home in Elmina. It's about a 5 minute walk from the main road and I have no idea how to find my way around yet. I'm sure it will take a few days to start feeling comfortable getting around. Sister Ama and 2 of her friends, Big Ben and Money Tree, came to pick me up from ProWorld. We arrived at the home and I instantly felt comfortable. I found out that I'm her first volunteer so I hope I don't disappoint her :) We had a delicious dinner. Rice and grilled chicken. I had to tell her that I don't eat a lot because the plate she made for me was pretty big. I had to have Big Ben help me finish my delicious rice. At my home in Elmina, I had fish for pretty much every meal. Sister Ama said that I would be having a lot of chicken while I stay here. I'm definitely ok with that :) She also asked about what I wanted in my lunches which I thought was very nice of her. We spent the majority of the night chatting and playing with my cute nephew. Sister Ama told me that she was very surprised how much he liked me because he is so shy. She said that he doesn't even warm up to their relatives like he did with me. Made me feel good. He's so cute and has the sweetest little laugh. He's 14 months old. I will definitely take some pictures soon so I can post them. I think I might get just a tiny bit attached to him :) We took a little walk around the area and she introduced me to a few people. I'm excited for the next month. Lights are out right now and I'm pretty tired from the weekend. I'm sure I will be asleep early tonight. I'm really excited about my new sister.I haven't really met any Ghanian women that I've been able to spend time with so I think it will be awesome. Well except my Mabel :) She works for ProWorldGhana and is absolutely wonderful!! I'm extremely happy today :) Loving Ghana so much. I was able to see my mom, dad and step dad on Skype this afternoon and it definitely made me miss them....but I'm not ready to go back to America yet.Love and miss you all....thank you for all the sweet messages :) XOXO

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