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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

Happy Birthday, sissy :)

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 05, 2012
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Migraine, migraine...please go away! I do not have enough time left here to waste any days being sick!!Yesterday was another great day! On Wednesdays, the students have worship in the morning. At Sankofa, I was never able to experience it because I don't think they actually do it.  At Aboom I was able to join in and dance with the children. I love the way people worship here Not just during worship at school but also at funerals and any other times that they feel like praising God :) I haven't been able to experience church yet but I can only imagine what that worship will be like. I just wish I could understand the words. I might have to ask someone to translate some of the songs for me. It was so fun to see the children singing, dancing and playing instruments. The headmistress and the other teachers were really getting into it. I took a video so I will have to put it up once I get home (For some reason I'm having a really hard time uploading videos here). Such a great way to start the day!!We worked with one of the teachers on getting a budget together for our project money. Geoff and I both have money to spend on the school so we wanted to get a good idea of what we could buy them. We decided that we are going to spend some of our money on fabric and other materials needed to make the bags and the rest of our money on books for the students. It's crazy the difference between the two schools I've worked at in Ghana. Definitely night and day. Aboom is very organized, the children have supplies and the teachers always show up. I'm learning a lot about the way Ghanians view students with special needs. It makes me love working there even more. The children are so special and so loving. My face hurts from smiling after each school day. I love love love it :)Yesterday was my angel's birthday. She would've been 23 years old. I got a bit emotional during worship yesterday. I just kept looking at all the beautiful smiles on the children's faces and it made me so happy. I know that if my sister was still here, she would be so happy thatI'm experiencing such a wonderful thing. This has been such an amazing experience. I don't think that it's hit me all the way, even though I've been here a month. I think it will probably hit me when I get back home and have more time to reflect. Holy cow, I'm in Africa :)I met up with Patrick after school and we ran a few errands. It was really stormy yesterday (raindrops from heaven :) ) so we tried to spend time inside. We went and had delicious onion rings at Castle Restaurant and had a beautiful view of the ocean. I showed him some pictures of my sissy and told him some stories about her. He told me that she was lucky to have a sister like me, that loved her as much as I do. That definitely made me emotional. I don't usually get too emotional when I talk about my sister, but I felt something different all day yesterday. I know that she was with me. I know that she has been with me this entire journey. My sweet sweet angel.After dinner we tried to use the internet for a bit but the power went out. We went to the cinema to watch the Real Madrid football (soccer) game. It was the first time I had been at that particular cinema. It was huge...just like the ones back home. I'm becoming quite the fan of soccer....I know my mother and brother would be so proud :) After the game was over, I headed home. I don't go anywhere alone here so Patrick took a car with me and walked me home. He was able to meet my sister. She worries about me a lot so I wanted her to know who I was spending my time with. I had been feeling a headache coming on all day but it got really bad when I got home. I was sick most of the night. I was awake when my sister got up and told her that I wouldn't be going to school today. She came in and checked on me multiple times. I went back to bed and when I woke up she had a breakfast waiting for me on the table in my room. Her mom is here and she also checked on me a bunch of times today. My sister came home around lunch time to check on me because her mom told her that I was still sleeping. She's so so sweet and so concerned. I'm sure my mom would be very relieved to know I'm in such good hands. My sister's mom (so technically she would be my mom too) came into my room this afternoon and told me to leave my dirty clothes for her tomorrow so she could wash them for me. So thoughtful. My little nephew has been coming in and out of my room all day. He just gets up on the bed and cuddles with me. Definitely the best medicine. I'm so glad that he likes me. I wish I could take him back to America with me. Speaking of taking people back to America, I have been talking to Patrick a lot about coming to America for a visit. Being in America is definitely his biggest dream. He told me that the day he is on the plane to America, he will be crying tears of joy. I day dream all the time about taking him to do different things, showing him my favorite places and introducing him to my friends. It all sounds like it would be amazing, but the truth is next to impossible to get Visa's to America approved. One of the staff members from Proworld is in the process of taking her boyfriend home with her for 2 weeks and she is having a lot of issues. They've been together for a year too! Some of the things they look at:a steady, reliable job,a LOT of money in the bank (so you will return)an invitation or a sponsorand a plan for why they are going to AmericaThey can basically tell you yes or no right when you go to apply. It's really not fair. So many things are so corrupt here. I thought about going with him to see if he could get approved with me there, but not sure that would work either. It sounds semi-simple but it really isn't. Especially for people that don't have the money to start with. Patrick is convinced that he could have his step father put money in his account and thinks his family will give him a loan for a ticket, but I still don't see it happening. I don't even want to think about the possibility of never seeing him again. Looks like I will have to plan another trip back to Ghana. I've met so many amazing people here....I'm definitely going to have to come back for a visit. Next time I come, I'll know exactly what to and not to bring...especially clothing :) My mom made me chicken and rice soup for dinner. I'm sure it will be delicious. I love all the food my new family has been cooking for me :) I'm just going to stay in and relax with my family tonight. I have school tomorrow and then will probably go watch Patrick perform at a funeral tomorrow night. I only have a few weekends left and I really want to make the most of them. I'm hoping to take a trip in the next few weeks to go see the highest waterfall in West Africa and the monkey sanctuary. I also want to go visit Alex at her orphanage. I might do that my last weekend here.Apparently I have some visitors waiting to see me outside so I better go. Love and miss you all! XOXO

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