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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

I got the goods!

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 23, 2012
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Dr. Pepper, Fritos, Goldfish...OH MY :) This is one happy and full girl :) I got another package from my friend Ray today. I was SO happy to get some snacks from home. Even more excited to share my snacks from home with my sister, friends and the kids around our house. Ghanaians don't like really sweet things. So different from home :) My sister loved the goldfish and Kwame loved the fritos. I'm pretty sure Kwame even snuck one of the bags of goldfish to take home with him. I definitely didn't mind tho. I got a slip saying I have another package so I will pick that up tomorrow after school. Kwame is going to take me, he is even going to take me to get ice cream after :) I'm missing home if you can't tell. Today was a pretty productive day at school. Geoff and I finished up the beading pattern poster. I worked with the younger students while they did math this morning. It was very basic. The head teacher drew pencils on the board, grouped 1, 2, 3, and 4. The students had bottle caps to use as counters. Basically he would introduce a number and have the students hold up the correct amount of counters. I just walked around the class and helped with counting. It definitely took a long time to just get through that basic lesson. The children range from ages 6-20. Their educational levels are all across the board, as do their disabilities. After school Geoff and I went to Anamabo Beach Resort and Biriwa Beach Resort to check inventory of the bags that the children have made. There have been some issues with the owner of the gift shop at Anamabo so we went to pick up the other bags and move them to Biriwa where they would have a better chance of selling. Both of the resorts are absolutely gorgeous. I bought a few gifts for my mom and sister in law today. Geoff and I had to take the tro-tro to the resorts. It was quite interesting trying to figure out where we had to go. I've been here 2 months and have been pretty spoiled when it comes to transportation. Most Ghanaians travel primarily by jam packed tro-tros and usually for long distances. I haven't really been any where that I needed to take a tro-tro. I'm mostly in town where we just take shared cars. Today when we got in the tro-tro, Geoff had his guitar. I'm still not sure how we fit it. I took a picture. It was pretty funny. He said it was pretty uncomfortable but we made it work. I'm also spoiled because I have a few friends that have cars so I've been lucky enough to get to get rides with them. Kwame picked us up from Biriwa. He dropped Geoff where he needed to go and then we went to the post office to get my package. I'm very lucky to have a good friend like him that will go out of his way to take me around town. Once we got back from running our errands we mostly just enjoyed the new snacks and talked. I love just hanging out on our front porch and talking.There are always people walking by our house so its fun to talk to everyone. My friend Roland and my friend Victor also stopped  by for a bit to say hello.   I bought some beads today. They are really long strands. I got a few that you wrap around your wrist and one that you put around your stomach. It's a cultural thing here. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I believe that they even put them around little babies to see how much they grow. I really need to ask my sister the significance of women wearing them. The ones I got are really cool. You wear them under your clothing. I also bought my sister a matching bracelet so we will always have it to remind us of each other. I really really love my sister. I know that I have said that many times, but she truly is my sister for life. We just click. I'm going to miss her so much. I can't even think about saying goodbye to my little man. :( I talked with Kwame about my upcoming trip to Moli National Park. We were talking about a few different places that we should visit, the best ways to get places and all that fun stuff. He told me that he would meet me in Accra the day I fly out so that I don't have to take all of my luggage all around Moli and the other places that we decide to go. That's a huge relief!!! There really are some amazing people in this country :) I need to get some rest. It's 10:30! I have to be up early to take my little baby to the clinic. He has a swollen testicle so I'm taking him to Dr. Andrew to get checked out. He might have to get a scan so we are going super early. I will go to school after that. Geoff and I have to go get our poster printed and laminated. Tomorrow is ProWorld so I'll be pretty dang busy :) Gotta fit everything in before I leave. I have so many mixed feelings about going home. So excited for certain things but I'm going to miss being here so much! My sister was already talking about plans for my next visit...which she hopes is in the next 6 months or so. We shall see :) Goodnight. Love and miss you all.... 14 days until I land in America :) First stop when I get home, Flatbread! 

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