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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

I Love Aboom School for Special Needs!

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 05, 2012
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I love receiving exciting news...all the way in Ghana :) Congrats to my beautiful best friend, Abbey, on her engagement. I can't wait to see her as a beautiful bride. :) She officially asked me to be part of her wedding tonight and I couldn't be more honored!!!! The past few days have been pretty busy. I'm absolutely loving my new host family. I love my little nephew so much. He is so so adorable. I'm so thankful that he likes me too. My sister always tells me that she can't believe how much he likes me. She told me that when I got in my taxi to go to school this morning, he started crying. I'm sure glad that I have so many pregnant friends so I can have little babies all around :) My sister's mother is here from Accra for a few weeks. She seems wonderful and is so welcoming. I'm excited to get to know her. My sister gave me a necklace that she had made for me tonight. It's the colors of the Ghanian flag. It's so awesome and it was such a thoughtful gesture. She's also an amazing cook :) Pretty dang happy here. Yesterday was my first day at Aboom School for Special Needs. I could tell within the first 5 minutes that this was going to be a much more organized and productive project. I met with the Headmistress, Mary. She's wonderful and really loves the children. She told me about the students and the different classes that I could help with. There are 3 classes, but 2 of them are currently combined. There is the pre-school/ speech and language class and then the vocational classroom. The vocational class is in charge of making beaded jewelry and sew the bags. I think I'm going to use some of my project money to buy more fabric and other supplies for the students to make more bags. They sell the bags at local resorts to help raise money for the school. I want about 10 bags when I leave. I better get some fabric :)The school has about 75 students right now, but on any given day there are only about 40 students. I was told that this was because of the transportation issues. There is only one special needs school in Cape Coast and only 4 in Ghana. It is very difficult for parents to get transportation for their children because they usually need special accommodations, they usually have to travel long distances and it is very expensive. Their disabilities include: down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and a few others. I forgot how much I love working with special needs students. I worked in the PARTNERS class in high school during my senior year. It was my favorite class. I was instantly reminded how much I love working with the students...more than anything, I think its because of their smiles. They are smiling 99% of the time. They just have something so incredibly special about them. It makes my heart happy. Today is Tuesday, which means its ProWorld day. Patrick picked me up from school and went to ProWorld with me for a bit so I could upload some pictures and he could listen to music on Itunes. We had a Fante lesson and then a cooking lesson. We made Red Red. It's a red sauce, made with red oil, tomatoes, onions, beans and your choice of meat. We used fish and chicken. You can eat it with rice or over fried plantain. I really really don't like plantain so I ate it with white rice. It was pretty delicious. I looked at my computer just now and realized the date. Tomorrow is my sissy's birthday. She would be 23 years old. Holy crap! I can't even imagine what we would be doing together if she was. I miss her so very much. Being here has brought out a different kind of happiness in me and I know that she is looking down on me and is with me every step of this journey. I have thought about her so often since getting here. Just this past weekend I was sitting on the beach with Patrick and I was telling him stories about her. I completely spaced that it was her birthday week. I'll be in Cape Coast tomorrow and plan to spend some time sitting by the water, talking to my sissy and celebrating her birthday. I sure do miss those beautiful blue eyes and that beautiful strawberry blonde hair. I hope she is proud of who I have become.On that note, I'm going to head to bed. Feeling a bit emotional and so sleepy. It's 10...past my bedtime. Congrats again to my beautiful best friend and her new fiance. Also, congrats to all of my other friends that are expecting new babies :) My two grad school besties are both welcoming new babies. Lex just had hers and Jess just announced that she is pregnant. My high school best friend will be having a baby in the next few weeks. My hair dresser is about ready to have her baby. And my lovey is not only engaged but will be welcoming a baby in March :) SO happy for all the love that has been shared between my friends and their families lately <3Love and miss you all. I only have 33 more days here. Holy crap. Not going to want to leave! XOXO

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