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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

I should probably keep my day job....

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Sep 18, 2012
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If you know me, you know that I have absolutely NO rhythm. I don't dance, I'm not very musically inclined and yeah, it's just not my thing. So, you can imagine how entertaining it was while I was learning how to drum and dance....African style. It was a bit embarrassing at first, we had quite a few people watching us (we were learning at a very popular restaurant) but after a while I just decided I didn't care. I have the video and well, my dance moves are definitely nothing to brag about, but I never stopped laughing and smiling. It helps to have some pretty awesome friends to share all of these experiences with. I will definitely have to post the video. Our instructors had a performance at Oasis that night so we went to watch them. It's absolutely amazing to me how they can move like that :) Pretty hot actually. I hung out with one of our instructors, Takyi, after their performance. He told me that they would be in Elmina all weekend performing at a funeral right outside my house. I might be able to see them on Sunday after we get home from the beach. I'd love to watch them again. He said he would give me a few more lessons, which I could definitely use. Saturday morning was definitely an early one. We met at ProWorld at 7:30 and headed to the Elmina Clinic for an Impact Project. We weren't exactly sure what we were going to be doing but we were ready to help. We took a quick tour around the clinic. It was similar to the clinics back home in the sense that they had a check in area, a room for records, a station for vitals and they see a physician. The nurses do the majority of the work. I learned that the nurses do not need any additional training after senior high school. Kind of scary if you ask me. We visited the maternity ward. To be honest, I felt sick to my stomach the whole time we were in there. They have a small room where the mother's give birth. You could still see some of the fluids on the table. The table looked like the same type of table that they have when you go to get your annual exam, but it was very old and did not look comfortable at all. The women do not get pain medication and they are not allowed to scream when they are in pain. The mother's leave right after they have their babies. One of the amazing volunteers, Teresa, spent her own money to get an incubator for the clinic. She is so selfless. She left today but has most definitely left a log lasting impression on the people in Ghana! From what I've heard, this clinic is better than most in the area and the women are very lucky to have the facility. I also learned that all mother's are tested for HIV at the clinic. If they are positive, they are given a dose of medication right away. The government pays 50% of the medication costs for 6 months. Very interesting. A few of our volunteers work at the clinic. I ended up working with the boys. We laid "carpet" which was actually linoleum in one of the offices.  I wasn't sweeping fast enough so the woman took my broom. :) After we finished that, we did some sweeping and mopping all over the rest of the clinic. We ended mopping and scrubbing all the hallways and the patients all had to move so we could clean. I was assigned to filling up the water buckets for a while. The water was in the lab. While I was filling up the water, I watched as a man gave many young children maleria tests. They use the lab to take the samples and read them. I was suprised how many people were in and out for maleria tests. We stayed at the clinic for about 4 hours and got a lot of work done.After our work was done, we took a tro-tro to the beach resort. It's absoultely amazing here. I'm looking forward to a night of relaxation with the other volunteers. Love and miss you all!!! XOXO

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