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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 16, 2012
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So after I wrote yesterday's blog, I remembered a few things that I forgot to write about. A few funny things :) When I was at dinner with the doctor, we were talking about what he does in his free time, which isn't much because he works 6- 12 hour days a week. He told me that he likes to watch TV at night when he gets home. I asked what he likes to watch and he started chanting "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry", fist pumping and all. I could not stop laughing!!!!! I couldn't believe that out of all of the TV shows that he could like, he LOVED Jerry Springer. He also told me that he loves Cheaters, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Basketball Wives. Haha. Pretty awesome representation of America if you ask me :) Ohhh goodness :) I also forgot to write about my small small time observing at the clinic. (Small, small is a phrase that is used here a lot. Especially when people ask if I speak Fante, I reply "small, small" :) Which for me, means pratically not at all. Any way, I sat with a nurse, Charlotte. I observed her checking in patients, taking their blood pressure, temperature, weight and height. When there were no patients we just chatted. She told me that she has always wanted to go to America. She said that she wants to go to New York City because there is always entertainment. She also wants to visit Massachusetts. She knew all about the Red Sox which was awesome :) She told me that she likes country music and some of her favorite are Dolly Parton and Kenny Loggins. A lot of people say that they like country music and they usually always mention Dolly Parton. Pretty awesome. :) I need to introduce them to some Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert and Blake Shelton. I could introduce them to a bunch of great music :) I observed Dr. Andrew for a bit but he was really busy so I decided to leave.A few other funny things that I've learned from my new friends. Music. Everyone loves Miley Cyrus here. Everyone has her CD and she is on the cover of the exercise books that the children use. I was driving with Kwame today and was playing a CD. The CD consisted of Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne. Everyone listens to a lot of American music here. Shaggy is also very popular. Most of the time when you ask someone what kind of music they like, they will typically say 50 cent or Beyonce. I will have to take some pictures of some very funny posters that people have made. I'm really starting to like some of the Ghanian music. I am hoping to find more of it on ITunes so I can download it. I don't have a USB drive on my computer so I can't steal any from my Ghanian friends. Maybe one of them will be nice and will make me a CD. So, I started my blog this morning and now I'm finishing it up. I'm currently at Elmina Beach Resort which is definitely one of the nicer resorts around here. Its about 300 Ghana cedis a night. We are just here to lay by the pool and swim for a bit. We went and ran a few errands this morning. We went to the bank and stopped for ice cream. I've had ice cream 3 times this week. I might have a problem :) I'm definitely missing some certain foods. I feel like all I've been eating lately are ice cream and french fries. That's not entirely true I guess, my sister doesn't cook either of those things :)We decided to go to Elmina Castle to take the tour. It was really interesting. It was a lot of the same history as Cape Coast Castle but was still interesting to learn about what they did with the slaves at the castle. It was a really nice day, not too hot. I also got to see Nana and Kwame for a few minutes which was wonderful. I sure miss them :( I'm planning a night this week to go  hang out with them. Hopefully Wednesday night. I bought a cool book at the castle too and a few bracelets. I'm starting to think of some gifts to take back to my friends and also some things to take home to decorate my apartment :)  I have a friend that has a little shop in Cape Coast and I promised him that I would buy a few paintings from him. I also need to get some bracelets made.Well, I think that's all for today. Miss and love you all. 

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