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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

Rest= A little time for reflection

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Oct 10, 2012
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I'm so ready to go back to school. Dr. Andrew said I can probably go back to school tomorrow :) Yesterday I spent the majority of the day sleeping and resting. I took all my medications yesterday morning and starting feeling nauseous. I asked the doctor if that was normal and he told me to stop taking my medication for the laryngitis and only take my malaria medication since that's the most important one to treat. We had a fante lesson yesterday afternoon. We had a little quiz and I passed so I guess I'm doing ok. I learned some new phrases. Wo ho yE fE means "You are very beautiful". I said it to my sister last night when I got home :) After our fante lesson we went to dinner at One Africa. I had the mac and cheese. It was good but you could definitely tell that it wasn't made with real cheese. The cheese that we normally eat here is Laughing Cow cheese. It's not horrible but I really miss dairy products. I haven't had any milk or sour cream for over a month. If you know me, you know that I LOVE sour cream. I'm craving a shredded beef burrito from 9 beans right now....loaded with pico and sour cream. I don't realize how much I miss certain foods until I start thinking about them. I just had breakfast but now I'm thinking about all my favorite foods. :) I met Dr. Andrew back at the clinic to get some other medication. We chatted for a bit, played on Facebook and then he was kind enough to drive me his own car....and it had air conditioning :) Haven't had that in a long time either. From the postings on Facebook, it's starting to get colder back t home. It's still SO hot here. I checked the temperature and its only in the upper 80s but once you factor in the humidity it feels a lot hotter. I've learned to just accept that fact that I'm sweaty 90% of the day. Sweaty and dirty. I really don't mind tho :)I came home and chatted with my sister and her mom for a bit. I played with my sweet little nephew. I am getting closer to them every day. They are definitely very special people and I'm so thankful that I get to spend my last month with them. I need to think of a fun gift to get them before I leave. I want it to be really special. Kwame (aka Money Tree) came by to see me last night. We sat outside because the lights were off. We had a really great talk about love, relationships and marriage. I made an interesting realization last night. I said something to him without even thinking before I said it. I said "I know that I'm 'different' here, but I feel more accepted for who I really am, than I do when I am back in America". I think acceptance has always been something that I have struggled with back home. Especially during the months leading up to my trip. I have a lot of friends, but most of the time I don't really feel like I fit in with certain groups. I always kind of feel like an outsider. I definitely feel alone a lot, which sounds crazy because I'm always going somewhere and doing something. It's kind of hard to explain and this might not be the place to write about it. I guess being sick and having to stay at home has given me a lot of time to sit and reflect on some of the internal changes that I'm feeling. I am a different kind of happy here. I feel free in a lot of ways. I have met some truly amazing people who have taught me so much about the simple things in life, the important things. Loving yourself, working hard, having a positive attitude and loving without limits. Those are just a few of the things that stand out to me right now. I'm beyond thankful for this experience. It is not how I pictured it in many ways. I have not done as much work as I thought I would do. It might be because of the location, I'm in a city where there is so much going on. It might also be because of some complications with my project. And it might also have to do with the fact that I have malaria and haven't been feeling too well for the past few weeks :( BUT I'm getting the rest I need, taking care of myself, and reflecting on this experience. It makes me think of that saying "I may not be where I intended to go, but I'm exactly where I need to be". Ghana will forever have a huge piece of my heart. I'm missing my friend Alex a lot. She is in Dodawa (definitely don't know how to spell that) working at an orphanage that she worked at a few years ago. She has done so many amazing things for that place. I wish I was able to spend some time there with her. She is definitely an inspiration. She is on my friends list on Facebook, Alex Minten, if you want to look her up and read about what she is doing with the children at her orphanage. She's coming to visit tomorrow. One reason I'm getting extra rest today. I need to be feeling better to spend the weekend with her. I have a feeling that she is the medicine that I've been needing. Its a pretty cool thing when you meet someone that is experiencing the same feelings and you know that you are bonded for life because of it. I'm so thankful that she lives in Oregon and we can plan many many trips to visit each other :) I should probably get up and do something with myself. I need to shower and clean up my room. I might go hang out at ProWorld for a bit so I can try to find a place to live when I get back to Boise. I also need to find out about my job situation. I'm really hoping to get hired back on at Health and Welfare. Fingers crossed they want me back too :) I hope everyone is doing amazing :) I'm not sure if people even read these updates. Its probably mostly for me, I want to have documentation of everything I've done and experienced on this trip. I haven't been doing a very good job of journaling so I will be happy to have these. I'm planning on printing them all and making a little scrap book. Love and miss you all! Thank you for all the get well messages. I'm feeling better. XOXOPS. Have I mentioned how much I miss my kitty?? I have his picture on my IPhone, which I use as my camera, and all the kids love to look at pictures of Easton. Cat is one of the first words they teach them in English... C A T cat :) If I move to Ghana, Easton is coming with me!

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    ErinCraig's journal made Amber smile Wed Oct 10, 2012
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    I read your posts everytime you post something new, it is such an inspiration to know that there are people like you out there, you have even made me think about doing what your doing a few times!! You said that you didnt know if anyone was reading your updates, well i am....hope you get to feeling better soon. p.s. i love all the pictures you post!!! is shutting down to focus on other projects. We are no longer accepting new user registrations and will be deleting all user data in about a month. If you would like to download your information, please send a request to