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Erin's adventures in Ghana

Many people have asked how they call follow my experience in Ghana. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way for everyone to read about my journey.

The African sun got the best of me :)

Ghana Cape Coast, Ghana  |  Sep 18, 2012
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Worst. Sunburn. Ever. OUCH! They weren't lying when they said that the African sun is different than the American sun. I have never had a sun burn like this in my life. Hopefully it will turn into a nice tan and not peel completely off :) Today was a great day at school. They are finally doing what they said they would do, assign each volunteer a few students to help tutor in small groups. I worked with class 5 today. I loved it. I finally feel like I'm doing something and am actually teaching the students something. It feels great. I helped with English today. We read a story together and then did reading comprehension. We made it fun and everyone did a great job. I felt very accomplished :) 3 new volunteers arrived today. One from the UK, one from Chicago and one from Portland. They seem pretty great and talk like we did the first few days. Maybe I'm just getting used to the chaos at the school or maybe things really are getting better. Things are starting to get a little more organized. I really like the headmaster. He seems like he is going to do a good job. He is very friendly and is very good about doing what he says he is going to do. He's making a list of things that the school needs so I can do some shopping. I'm guessing it will be mostly school books and some random other things that could help the students. I have a feeling I will end up spending some of my own money before I go. I have a few ideas of things I want to do. I've been feeling pretty exhausted the past few days. School just takes a lot of energy out of me. I came home and took a nap. The past few nights I've just been hanging out with my family in front of our house. Its fun to sit around and watch people, play with the kids, and practice my fante. Yesterday I had a few visitors which was fun. The people that taught our dance/drumming lessons were performing at a funeral in Elmina, right next to my house. I was able to watch their performance and hang out with Tekyi (my dance teacher, who is quite handsome) for a bit. He came to my home and met my family and chatted for a bit. Once he left, I just played and danced around with the kids. They love love love to take pictures and look at them after they've taken them so we did that for about an hour. They also love to laugh at me while I'm trying to speak fante to them :) I'm starting to notice the stares less and less. When I first arrived I felt like all eyes were on me, all of the time. Now when I walk around town, I just smile constantly and people here are so receptive to that. Everyone says good morning and asks how I am. I'm starting to recognize certain faces and that's pretty cool. Nana is back in town so he will be walking me to the taxi station again tomorrow. I've missed our chats. Its crazy to think that I only have another week and a half at the school and then I move. It seems like I have been here forever, yet it also seems like the time is going so slow. Kind of hard to explain. I'm trying to my hardest to make the very best out of every single day. I don't want to take any time for granted or miss out on any new experiences. It's 9:15....time for bed. So crazy how early I fall asleep here. My mom told me she would do my laundry for me tomorrow morning. I thought that was extremely sweet of her. I will definitely admit that I really miss having a washing machine. The water has been out all day which means no flush toilets or showers. Mama Teko is going to get my bucket bath ready for me in the morning. I'm sure the cold water will feel great on my burning skin. I won't even know what to do with hot water when I get home! Ohhh the little things. Little things like vitamin water, cheetos, granola bars, peanut butter m&ms, sour cream and onion pringles and all the other junk that I dont need to eat :) I think one reason I have been so tired is because of my diet here in Ghana. I eat a lot of rice and pasta with minimal vegis. I also eat a lot of fish which is good but I feel like I'm missing the sugars and nutrients that give me energy. My friend Ali brought me some apples and a pineapple tonight. I absolutely love the fresh fruit here. The pineapple is so sweet it melts in your mouth. I saved some for my lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow I am only working a half day at the school. I will be there for english and math. Tomorrow is Tuesday which means its family night at ProWorld. Family is exactly what the other volunteers have become to me. Alex, Geoff and Teresa especially. We had to say goodbye to Teresa on Saturday but Alex, Geoff and I still have another month and a half together. Alex and I will be in charge of cooking dinner for everyone tomorrow after our Fante lesson. Some of our ideas fell through because we could not find tortillas. We wanted to make tacos and guacamole. We found some jaleoeno tortilla chips at the only grocery store (which is kind of like a Ghanian walmart) and are going to do a large pan of nachos. We bought onions, tomatoes, and avacodos to have a little nacho bar. I think we are going to also do fresh fruit also. Hopefully it turns out ok. If you know me, you know I'm not a cook :) I'm learning a little bit here tho!I had a visitor and got side tracked so I am finally going to's 10:40. Way past my bedtime. Goodnight :)

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