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A global experience.

United States Ohio, United States  |  Mar 26, 2013
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 "Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond whats right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in." 

Today, I was scrolling throught my news feed on Facebook when I notice a posting by the page of Peru, promoting the video "MOVE," a one minute film showing snapshots of many different countries. So, of course, I click on the video to watch and instantly fall in love. The filmmakers also have two more called "LEARN" and "EAT" with a similar theme of quick snapshots of all the different things you can do and eat while exploring a different country.After watching these three videos, which I will include a link to at the end, I quickly looked up my classmate, Kyle Johnston, on the Vimeo site. Knowing that he makes videos, I go through his feed and find that he has a video from the Culture Studies trip that traveled to Puerto Rico in which he attended at our university, Lake Erie College. He has fellow students read from their journals about there feelings and thoughts as he shows what the trip was about. I find myself forgetting I have laundry in the washer and falling into the trap of the beautiful shots and experiences of my fellow students, wishing that he had joined us on the Guatemala Culture Studies trip and I them in Puerto Rico.The students talk of their emotions as they run through historic buildings, universities, and nature trips.The watching of these videos, and the memories stirred up by my interview with a Global Education provider, make me long to feel the beauty, peace, and excitement of traveling my own country and others. As I listened to the students express themselves and the gentleman travel the globe in the other three, my need to be helping other experience opportunities grow. Through my own experiences I can only express my feelings and my love for the places I have been, but to transfer what I have experienced is impossible with the person traveling on their own accord. Each of us, whether traveling with a group or individually, experiences our travels in our own unique way. Certainly during mine I did not experience the same emotions as my friends when we visited Machu Picchu or Moray. Same goes in Colombia when we were visiting different businesses, or in Guatemala when we were learning about the history and culture and even visiting sites within my own country with my boyfriend or listening to him talk about his travels. We all take away something from these places...something that changes us ever so slightly and makes us realize that there is more to this life we live than technology, appearances, and what is happening around us. Gives a different persepective.

My wish is that I can help others prepare for their own experience, their own transformation...their own love for the places they visit. To be accepted by another culture, to learn something new about yourself, to challenge yourself. The ultimate reason for traveling is to learn, to experience, to fall in love, and do things you have never dreamed of doing. 

I am a lucky one and had teachers and friends who supported me, who challenged me, who watched me grow. As I watch and support my sibling grow and find their paths, I hope that one day they will experience more than Lancaster, Ohio, Mount Pleasant, and Hocking Hills. I hope that they will see the importance of equality, of keeping our farmlands, that there needs to be a middle ground, that we cannot rely on the government, we have to provide for ourselves, that you have to take responsibility for your actions, that the Lord is everywhere in many forms. I hope that they learn something new about themselves during their growth process, that it helps them in their future careers, helps forgive the past. I know for a fact that they are wonderful people, caring people. I hope they know that there talkative, bossy older sister loves them and will support them no matter what.

I hope that not only students, but others as well, take part in the world and challenge themselves to something new. Learn a language. Learn a dying skill. Listen to a different type of music. Learn to dance. Yes, dance. You learn a lot through dance, how to relax, how to have fun, how to let go and let someone else take charge. I hope that everyone has a chance to gain confidence through their travels, domestically and internationally. 

Anyway, the point was that the videos have made me realize the reason why I did something crazy and studied a language, studied accounting, went abroad, love reading, and take opportunities that challenge me. The challenge is addicting and I love to learn and grow as a person, to experience different ways of viewing things. I hope I can continue to do what I love and help others as well.

My wish is that everyone does something that challenges the way the think, what they believe. Whether it's listening to the opposite party's point or experiencing it first hand. Read, watch, travel, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

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