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This is an experience of a lifetime.


Oh, thoughts.

Peru Cusco, Peru  |  Mar 02, 2011
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 "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring." Oscar Wilde 

I've been thinking a lot here, studying abroad really challenges your brain.

Doing volunteer projects in communities outside of large cities is one eye opener.

So many people live among animals, sleep with them. So many people do not have a bathroom. Or have kitchens that are not good for your health.

Do you know how much we take for granted? Quite a bit.

Bathrooms automatically come with our houses.

We have stoves with chimneys so we don't get smoke damage.

Running water.

Granted, that's our culture, not theirs.

It is so awesome to see the different cultures.

But we take a lot for granted.

all we have to do is go to the local grocery store when we need something,

here you have to know where to find it.

Big bills can only be used in grovery stores

and small change is more valuable than anything here

you use it for everything

Family is also a huge priority here

and in the States I sometimes feel like that priority has been lost

people in the communities usually have large families because they need help on the farm and to care for the parents when they get older, in the States we throw em in nursing homes half the time. It's terrible.

I started my second volunteer opportunity is a home run by the church for people who are homeless or who have been abandoned by their family. Most of them speak quechua, which is a dying language here as most people think it is unimportnant.

The peope here are starting to realize the importance of their ancestors, the Incas. and that is also something the US should pride themselves on, their history. Teach it, the people here ask me all the time about our natives and are shocked at how little i know.

Oh, and bottled water is so stupid, I hate not being able to drink out of the tap without boiling it first. It's stupid. Waste of money, and hot water is never fun to drink.

Oh and there is no heating system here, the people dont need it, they just layer up. which i think is brillant.

There is so much here to learn and experience. It's all so beautiful and different, yet in some ways the same.

Sarcasm is still found.

Children asking for something and the parents saying 'oh later' which means never and the kids know it

and on a last note,


it is the nicest thing ever. People actually pay attention to what you have to stay and aren't distracted by a text.

It's so nice.

Very nice.

Excessive use of cell phones really aren't necesary. :D

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