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This is an experience of a lifetime.


The emotions as of January 6, 2011.

United States Ohio, United States  |  Jan 09, 2011
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 I cheated on my fears, I broke up with my doubts, and now I'm about to marry my dreams. 

one week. 7 days.

this is the craziest feeling i've ever felt.

i'm terrified.

i'm nervous.

i'm too excited.

i'm happy.

i'm sad.

i'm just one emotional chick.

i have many fears, mainly about the airport, my host family, and being by myself.

i have the courage to go, i won't believe it will be happening until it's too late.

what if i get lost in one of the airports? what if i fall asleep in lima and miss my flight?

what if my host family or roommate don't like me?

what if i fail my classes?

will i be able to get myself to explore? will i be able to handle the conversations?

i just have to remind myself that, hey. this is a once and a lifetime opportunity. take advantage, forget the fears.

and everything will be alright.

Peru, are you ready for me? i'll be exploring your streets soon!

and i can't wait for the challenge.

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    MattNoonan wrote: Wed Jan 12, 2011
    when you see that airport, you'll understand what i mean when i say that there is no way you can fall asleep there on accident. for me anyway, it's been incredible how much the day just goes on; i was pretty terrified about this part of my journey, but you get by on common sense, a little bit of spanish, a fair amount of skepticism, and just by the fact that... what else is there to do with your time but make sure that you don't mess up what you're doing? nos vemos en las montanas!
  • User Profile Photo
    Lauren_Johanson wrote: Mon Jan 10, 2011
    Peru is waiting for you, Jennie! And trust me, you'll get through the airports no problem. Just stay calm and keep your wits about you. Honestly, falling asleep and missing a flight isn't the worst thing in the world. Everything can be resolved! Bring my number with you just in case and you'll be fine. Your host mom is so excited to meet you! She is incredibly sweet. So breathe...relax...and get excited!
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