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Peru Peru  |  Jan 22, 2011
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 expect nothing. let every moment take you by surprise. 

My first week. I can't believe it. It's been amazing. New friends, new family, new sites, new experiences. Cusco is very different, the city has many different architectures, there are dogs everywhere, vendors sellings all kinds of yummy looking goods from food to crafts. and crossing the street means taking your life into risk. It's been an adventure. My family is very kind and very generous. My roommate, Laura, is also very nice.

The computers here have the ñ and upside down ? keys, so when I use the computer here my spelling and grammar is off. It was quite an experience, our host father was curious on how we use ñ since it is not present on our keyboards. We explained that we use a special program or copied and pasted from a website.

There is a lot of honking and whistle blowing here. It will be strange when I come home and here neither. We already know the difference between the "hey you are in my way!" honk and the "hello, need a taxi?" honk. Though the traffic is calm compared to Colombia, they have police directing the traffic so us pedestrains can cross safely. Here, pedestrains do not have any right-of-way.

My classes are tough. Though I placed in intermediate, I was moved down into basic because my speaking skills are herendous. The classes are interesting a fun. My Spanish grammar class is interesting, helping me gain confidence to speak. In my art history class we are learning some qeuchua, the history behind Peru and get to go on field trips to experience Culture and Art. My developement class has yet to unfold, but the first day we had to draw what we think development is from a 10 yr old point of view, 20 yr old point of view, and with one to three lines. it was very interesting. My political science class I hope will pick up but so fair I've learned when every Latin American country won their indepence. I cannot wait to see how these classes unfold. Oh, and the teaches are awesome.

Our volunteer projectes start this morning. We traveled to Occoruru? and met the community we would be helping build a cleaner environment for. All the community members seemed excited for the change as we had them map out how their homes looked now and how they want them to look in the future. This will not only benefit the people helping them, but give them a safer and cleaner environment for their families. Many want a library for their children, which I think is a very thoughtful gesture. The project that we start with though is builing cleaner burning ovens, where the smoke goes up and out a chimney instead of inside the kitchen. We might also be building a new school for them, they have yet to decide. But I cannot wait to get to know them and learn about their culture and community.

I have learned a lot already. My vocabulary has grown in this week, along with my listening skills and my speaking skills. I can't wait to improve a them even more. I learned to bring sunscreen, because he is is expensive because only the tourist need it. I've seen the festival de San Sebastian, with costumes, music, dance, and drinking. I've experienced my first Peruvian discoteca. Oh, I've learned that the 70's, 80', and 90's are very popular here. My host father listens to 80s and always asks us if we have heard the song. In the discotece we danced to some 80's, including GREASE!!!!

Through this all I will learn many things about this country and its culture. Also, I will learn about myself. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds!

Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity.

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