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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.


Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jul 17, 2011
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As I am nearing the end of this trip I can look back at all the changes that have occured. I mean that I have been able to grow in myself as an individual. I choose what I want to or do not want to do based on my own beliefs and not the people who surround me. From being away from home just these six weeks; which is the longest ever and I never have been alone for a trip, I am able to see my life through a new prespective and appreciate everything God has allowed or not allowed for that matter.

The work I have done this past week has honestly not been much sadely once again. I cut mora the first two days but then I got these bites from some insect that I had bad reactions to. I ended up taking Benedryl but it makes me pass out so I worked half days in the kitchen until I felt like I had to go sleep, which I would end up doing for at least four hours. This weekend has been chill. Friday and Saturday included me chilling on beaches for at least three hours each day. It also has been filled with plans of returning home. What will my first meal be? What am I to bring home to people? Ect Ect... So here I am trying to soak in the last bit of Galapagos sun before I head back to the jungle for my last four nights. I´m trying to take pictures of everything I want to show people or tell stories about when I come home. Planning my last meals here, which sounds morbid but it´s rather fun. I have been excited to come home for many weeks now it seems but as it is getting close I almost wish I had another week or two, without bugs though ; ) I can´t wait for the camps I´m going to attend when I come home and I feel as if now I am an adult and not just a student who has been going through the motions to adulthood. I know there are still many things awaiting me, it would be boring if there were not; but now I am looking forward to being an adult but a child at heart : ) I know some of you will be saying, ¨Oh you have been that way for a while,¨ but the difference is that I finaly see it. I am at rest in myself. 

I am excited to see all my Petaluman´s very soon. Pray for my safe return please. Also I will be meeting with some church people in Quito and I feel this may be a huge reason I was meant to take this trip for. So pray for Gods amazing guidance when it comes to me finally being able to connect with a church again.

Chillax all of you cause once I get home I want to hangout and catch up a ton!!!

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