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What is your most embarrassing travel experience?

I was stupid and over packed (was my first travel experience and made the classic mistake) and had to keep resting when I carried my bag.

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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.

Great Two Weeks

Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jul 10, 2011
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 Better Late Than Never 

I have found that me updating you on my trip is one of my highlights to my weekend. At first I felt like it was a task almost to make sure later on I can look back at all this as a journal of sorts but really it allows me to stay in touch even if it seems so one way at times. On that note, I hope you enjoy what I am going to share with you this week as it will be a long entry becuase of me not being able to tell you about my four day tour and I had my dive at Kicker Rock yesterday so I want to at least give you the highlights of sorts, especially if you ever happen to visit the Galapagos you will know of some of the coolest places you should visit.

First I want to tell you how God lead me into this tour. I really have been missing worshipping with others. Then that night I had some of the closest people in my life there with me singing in my dreams. We sang songs like Prince of Peace, How Great is Our God, Empty Me, All of You, and others. It was perfect and was the first real peaceful night of sleep I had this whole trip so far.

So about two weeks ago, the 28th, we started our four day tour of some of the islands. I was skeptical at first but it was way worth it. Due to the fact it was two weeks ago and so much went on I am just going to kind of bullet point it almost and it may seem a little scrambled, for which I apologize now. To start the boat rides are horrible. The water just is so very choppy that even with my motion sickness medicine I was feeling the rocking in a bad way. So between me reading Pride and Predjudice and listening to my Duncans With Love playlist I stayed mellow and made it through every ride just fine. We went snorkling at Champions rock on Floriana. It was so beautiful. Everytime I looked around I felt like Marlin in Finding Nemo looking over the drop off in the first scene. We had a ton of seals swimming with us and they mock your moves if they find them worthy. So do a little spin and you will see them do it or turn on your belly and blow bubbles they do it too! After snokling we headed to another part of Floriana to see Tortises in the wild, it was nice but it started raining so we all returned to the boat soaking wet for another terrible 2 hour trip now headed to Isabella.

Now Isabella was very nice. The hostle had hot showers, so nice after four weeks of cold ones. There also was breakfast provided and it was amazing: freshly baked still warm cresants, coffee-made from coffee extract, eggs, fruit, and jam with butter. Now is where I slacked with journaling and will bullet almost the rest of my trip. Visited a volcano which was cool but the guide sucked so it was not nearly as cool as it could have been. Visted tortise preserves and got to see a baby tortise. Saw wild flamingos and later in the night even saw a few flying. A good chucnk of the people on the tour got sick sadly but luckly I was skipped. Deliscious pastry shop, followed by Pink Eguana. Pink Eguana is a bar but it actually is really nice and is outside with the ocean on one side of you, a sand volleyball court, and even a bonfire pit. Weird thing was that I have noticed the guys on Isabella just seemed to be better looking than the other islands, who knows why. Decided I would love to live by the ocean. Next day, visted the wall of tears which is just a wall of about six meters high built by prisoners as busy work until the prisoners rebeled. Then our usual tour guy, Galo, explained more about the volcano becuase he heard how much the other guy sucked. Learned about hot spots and more the the geological history of the islands from him. Went and snorkeled with pinguens. Isabela has the second smallest on it. We also saw a ton of baby and adult marine eguanas. Then we headed to Santa Cruz. By the time we got there it was night. We had dinner then went to this gelato place that one of the volunters had recomended to me- Il Giardino is the restaurant. I had passion fruit and mora, sooooo yumy! Breakfast was served on the roof of this hostle and was pretty good with fresh fruit and bread. Then we headed to the highlands and saw more wild tortises, they are huge and just such amazing creatures. We then walked in a lava tube which was pretty cool. Then we went to another center and got to see Super Diego and Lonesome George. So Super Diego was a tortise that was brought back to the islands from San Diego California to help re-poplate. Why is he super? Because just so far he has helped produce 300 offspring! Lonesome George is lonesome because he is the last of his kind and will not mate with others to even make a highbred of sorts. He still is young though and there may be hope but the worry is that he does not know how to mate due to not being raised around other tortises. To help understand why this is a big deal is becuase each island has like its own type of Galapagos Tortise and Lonesome George is the last to his. When we got back from this trip to town I wanted to go to the bakery again but it was closed everytime. But to my surprise I met David again. David was a guy we met in San Cristobal while a surf competition was going on. He came from a restaurant and was like, Hey I know you. He then invited to teach us how to surf but I had to let him down and tell him we were leaving in less than an hour. He was bummed out but said he may be able to make it back to San Cristobal within two weeks. So far no sign of him and I am not holding my breath, haha. Which leads us back to the current week.

Monday was basic and included me chopping a lot of mora with a mischeti. Then Tuesday I was sick. I had a horrible headache, my whole body just hurt, and my stomach was doing flips. I never got sick so I ate food but could not enjoy it. So I stayed in bed all Tuesday and my friends brought me food. Wednesday I could deal with light again so I helped peel potatos in the kitchen before heading back to bed. Thursday was pretty much the same. Friday thank God I felt 100 percent normal or I would not have dived Saturday. Also Friday had a down side. I went and tried to get my package from the post office. I still do not have it but hopefully due to Lauras help, the really nice hostle lady who just is more patient with me knowing little Spanish, I will have it Monday or Tuesday. I never have Wished I could speak Spanish so bad before. Like I am not horribe but the number I had to call due to the office being insane only spoke Spanish and the person refused to speak slower for me. Ahhhh I was in tears by the end of it. Therefore I have decided to start taking classes when I get home because I do feel called to South America and plan on traveling here more.

The Dive is the thing you will want to hear about. First the boat was nicer and the sea not as choppy as the time before when I got sea sick. We first visted Lobos Island for a weight and equiptment check. This was super nice because it allowed my body to be reminded, Oh yeah I can breath underwater, that is why I have a huge tank on my back. While we were there we played with a seal again and even got to see a pelecan eat. Plus the giant black bird with its red chin puffed out, this is a big deal cause they only have it puffed when they are mating and it is not mating season but it is one of the things you see on shirts and stuff all the time. Then we headed to Kicker Rock. Just amazing. I know I have been using that word a lot but it is true. I am aww struck by the wonder that God has made and set before me. I had multiple times when underwater where it just seemed fake and photoshopped. There would be two sharks, a sea turtle, a bunch of fish, and like four manta rays all in one line of vision. And the water is not freezing cold like home so I did not even need gloves and only wore a 5mm which even then is considered thick here. It all seemed like a dream honestly but my ears are still clogged with sea water so I know it must have happened. Plus, lucky me, my dive buddy is camera ubsessed and took a ton of pictures while we wree down there. We dove about 80 or 100 feet I believe but will make sure later today so I can record the dive. It was just amazing. Then on the way home our dive mater, who is a pretty nice guy, pulled out the first aid kit for a cut on his leg. I asked when he got that, thinking it was from the dive but could not place when or how he could have done that. He said, Oh no it is a soccer injury from the week before. We talked for a while about soccer and just chatted. He proceded to invite me to next weekends game. I am not sure if I will play, which he said I could, but I know I am not that good and would prefer not to be the reason why his street team looses.

So now I have fully updated you all. Know that I am always praying for you and missing you. I am enjoying my time here a ton and with two weeks left plan on enjoying every moment I can working hard during the week and chilling on the beach during the weekend.

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