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What is your traveling philosophy?

Stay safe, meet new people, learn new things, eat a lot, and try my best to learn the language.

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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.

Missing Home

Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jun 27, 2011
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 The down side to having so many cool friends, 

This week has been filled with new things for me and the week to follow even more so. My brother got married this past Saturday and I was sad I missed it but I did buy a piece of cake from a street vender in honor of the celebration. The cake for your information was like a chocolate tres de letche with a peach on top of it, it was super yummy. Then the night before during the rehearsal was the day I swam without fins in the ocean and saw my first turtle swimming right below me. Also this week instead of buying meals at the differnt places everyone goes to I went to the market and bought food to cook in my hostles kitchen. This kind of sucks cause I miss out on some amazing food but it saves me a ton of money. What else... Oh yeah the down side to having so many cool friends. This week I had to say good bye to three of the closest friends I made here so far which just helped remind me of home a lot more. This trip definitly has helped me be able to see from a different prespective all the great people has put in my life and continues to add to it.

This next week is going to be amazing as I start my four day tour of the island tomorrow mprning bright and early at 6am. I'll go to four of the other islands and get to snorkel, climb volcanoes, and so many other cool things without having to worry really about much, plus food is provided and I heard it is all super good and amazing. This does mean I will miss a week of work at the station but I just helped finish a giant part of the garden we have been working on so I figure it is a perfect time to go in the middle of my trip. I am taking loads of pictures per a lot of peoples request. There are so many cool things to share now that I am thinking of it but it is lunch time and I am heading to the two dollar sandwich place. They serve huge sandwich's and a giant side of fried plantains.

Thanks all and send hugs and prayers your way always.

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