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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.


Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jun 04, 2011
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 I wasn´t expecting anything before arriving. 

So I have landed and feel it appropriate to start with my plane ride. I had a total of three flights all around 3-5 hours long. I had window seat everytime and only ont he first one did I have someone next to me, which of course was the longest flight. As some of you know I LOVE clouds and pretty much the sky in general. I watched the sun rise from the ocean and since I am from the west it was a first for me. It was a really bright pink than an orange followed by the usual glaring yellowish. I saw purple clouds, fluffy fluffy clouds, and almost felt like I was in Aladdin becuase of how close I was to touching them. I almost missed my second flight becuase I got slightly lost but luckily they were still there when I found them.

Ecuador itself is amazing. I´ll just start by describing what I have ate becuse food is one of my favorite things I love to try. My first meal was Ecuadorian but vegetarian. It included fake meat, these giant beans with a slab of cheese on top that doesn´t melt, this undescribable soup, and for desert a creep with strawberryish sauce. I was the first of the travelers to arrive so it was just our advisor and I for the day together. Once the other girl arrived we had dinner and we went to this Italian returant where I had spagheti. The night life here is realy a big deal and we walked around but bcuase of the altitude change and stuff we just went back to the hostle to watch some tv and sleep. I actually just got back from lunch today and we had Indian food, one of my favorites. Kate, my advisor says we´ll get fattened up on real Ecuadorian food when we stay with our live in families.

In general the streets are pretty easy to pick up as long as you know the main roads. Exciting news I am going to have a one on one tutor for Spanish starting Monday through Thursday : ) My Spanish is already growing though as we order food, talk with some of the people around us, and even just from the signs and such becuase it is all in Spanish. Also starting tomorrow night Paige, one of the other girls, and I will be living with the same home stay family which will be really cool. Tonight all us girls are going to try and go to this free national ballae (spelling sorry) and symphony thing that will be in the Historic part of Quito. I´m not sure in what order but we have some cool trips planned already. We will get to visit the equator and do some sciency stuff that is really cool, comparing the northern and southern hemisphers. Then another day visit the Historic district and get tours and such. I know this all sounds very touisty but really is isn´t.

Once I reach the islands later this week, I actually arrive during the off days. So I will end up right away making friends and tagging along on some kind of adventure. A girl who stayed with us last night just flew back from the station and gave me all this great advise and things to do and see. She even just got scuba certified and was able to give me names and a location to a referable dive place. The work aspect will start Monday and Joe, my brother, will laugh at this. I will get a mishetti (spelling is a mystery to me) aka a really big knife, and chop at rasberry bushes, pretty much identical to the Hymilayan Blackberry I guess. So Monday through Thursday I will either be yielding a mishetti or I can volunteer to be in the kitchen to learn how to cook on some days. When I am off I guess we chill, relax in hamicks, and some people party. Then the weekends are mine to spend with my new friends and really adventure.

Ok I have spent to long here anyways but while I have free wifi and a computer I felt like I would catch you up on everything. ANd email and facebook will be your best way to comunicate with me. Mail here I guess is few and inbetween, definitly since I will be moving around a little and such. <3 Katie


P.S. There is no spell check and word is set to spanish so sorry for any real problems with my naturaly bad spelling and opp´s.

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