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What is your funniest travel experience?

There was a group of about six of us who wanted to get internet and therefore tried to fit into our one car to go to the right spot "right around the corner." This corner had many turns and the car was maybe made for four people of small size. Very funny experience with people sitting and laying on top of each other.

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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.

Update on the Trip

Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jun 07, 2011
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 Short but Sweet 

Hola everyone! I miss you sooo much. Today has been the first day I have really felt a little homesick, mainly becuase I realize how much longer I have away. Plus in two days I will need to make new friends again as I actauly head out of the city. On a happy note I still am having a blast. My homestay family is really sweet, they are an older couple who speak only Spanish so it really test my abilities. Which by the way, my Spanish is getting better, my teacher even says so. Sadly I am going to have to make this entry shorter becuase I am in a Cabina paying for it. I am blanking on what to say due to my tiredness. A few days ago I visited the equator and it was amazing . I was in two places at once, one foot in the northern hemesphere and the other the southern. We did different test to prove it was the equator point, my favorite being to balance an egg on a nail, sadly I also could not do this. Well I will try and write something more descriptive becfore I leave cause I will have less access to the interent and if not I will update you all as soon as possible. Buenos Tardes!

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