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What was your most challenging travel experience?

My friend Robbie and I were yelled at by this Indian instructor from a school, in his natural language. I understood none of it but he pointed a ton and I knew it was about me and whatever I was doing. I had to stand there and just wait till me translator came to help me out.

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My Trip South

This will be about my travel down to Ecuador. Including my adventures in the Galapagos and the surrounding area.

Welcome to the Jungle

Ecuador Ecuador  |  Jun 11, 2011
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 So much crazyness! 

Hi everyone it´s me again. So I am officially in the Galapagos. It is soooooooo amazing. At first I was overwhelmed becuase I really didn´t want to have to move again and meet new people and everything, it was part of my lovely nerves and homesickness too. But now here I am. A common phrase everyone keeps using is Welcome to the Jungle becuase 1, the song 2, we are in the jungle. Actually right now I am in the city of San Cristabol because it is the weekend and that´s were all the volunteers spend their weekend chilling in hammacks and having fun. At first I felt like I would not fit in and would really be tried becuase everyone seemed to smoke, drink, and just party when not working. Then I get here and I find out Will, this other volunteer, doesn´t do any of that either and I feel like God definitly has provided me a friend which I was afraid I couldn´t find in this crowd to easily. Everyone is great though and easy to be around. This city is so small and I just walk around and find new things. There is this bakery that has amzing treats that I don´t know what they are but I wish I had more $ so I could by a treat everyday, but then I may also gain some weight haha. The hostle we are staying in here in town is great. They have multiple areas where hammacks are stretched out. In fact that´s where I have been most of today just chilling. I really want to find a coconut while I am here but I haven´t found one and may just have to ask the juice guy how much he will sell one to me for. This guy makes smoothies and it is as fresh as it gets meaning the fruit is there in front of you and you watch it get blended, sooooo good. Will showed me all around the place yesterday showing me where the cheapest things could be found and what was worth trying and not so now I feel like I have my bearings a little more. The site where I spend my week working is called Jatun Sacha and it is like a kids dream at first. It almost seems like a giant tree house, which it is not, with hammacks and everything. The one night I was there we played cards, Scum, and you live by Jungle time so we went to bed by 9pm. Jungle time being everything is like 3hours earlier than expected. Well my time is up on th computer so I should go. I miss you all and plese excuse any misspells I don´t have time to spell check or re read. Till next week I send my love.

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