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Belize 2012

An insight into my daily adventures, experiences, and food in Belize!

Day 15: Signing-Off for good!

Belize San Ignacio, Belize  |  Aug 04, 2012
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Sittin here in the airport, making my final post.  Today got off to a great start! A few of us headed down to the Saturday market before 5 a.m. to check it out.  As we got there everyone was setting up shop, and right before we left it was starting to get really busy.  Fruits, vegetables, spices, breakfasts, jewelry, shoes everything! I picked up a few spices to play with when I get home =)

Headed back to the house for one last breakfast (waffles with fruit) and to finish packing up before William came to get us at 7:30. After our brief (1.5 hour) drive to the airport, we’re here now hanging out in the airport waiting to take off! I guess its time for a bit of a trip cap-off:

Low-lights of the trip: Getting sick and missing out on ladies night!

High-lights of the trip: getting to know so many incredible people and forming many life-long friendships, experiencing ATM, zip-lining!  

Things I can’t wait to get back to at home: VEGETABLES, blueberries, cooking, and mom & pops!

Things I’m going to miss here: Never ending fresh fruits, how cheap everything is (6 oranges for 50 cents, ice cream for $1, dinner for 13 people from under $10 a person, rum & punch for $1.50), some actual hands-on medicine, Zach’s many wonderful accents, great new friends!

The things I’ve learned on this trip personally, clinically, and culturally are innumerable and can’t be put into words.  The experience has truly been priceless.

Hope you’ve enjoyed following along- Signing off for good now though! Over 400 pictures taken, most of which will be in facebook in the near future.

A HUGE thank you must go out to my parents and Zach, Shereen, and ProWorld, for making this experience possible.

Even more thanks to Jess, Tess, Katie, Kim, Kimberley, Michelle, Rachel, and Melissa for making the experience such a success and so much fun. The future is oh so bright for all of us!  

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