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Week 1

First week of program

Week 1

Brazil Salvador, Brazil  |  Aug 04, 2012
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 arriving first week 

Week  1:

It has been already two weeks I have been in Brazil and loving every moment of it, but just first week that has passed in the ProWorld Program. So far, it has been a great experience. First, I went to Rio and finally saw the Corcovado, one of my biggest interests to see. I learned that the statue was donated by France to the Catholic Community in 1922 and it is located in a mountain that is 710 meters tall. The view from there is amazing; you can see all the buildings and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.  Besides the Corcovado, Rio has other attractions such as its beaches, soccer stadium, sambodramo, museums, hotels and many others.

After visiting Rio, I head to Salvador, Bahia and ready to see the city I was going to live in for the next semester. I arrived at my host home and my host mom was waiting for me. I was happy to finally meet her. I have to say that she is a great woman with a golden heart. The next day, my host mom took me to try Acaraje which is a typical food from Salvador. It is made with beans and fried; you can see a lot of Acarajes’ spots in the city. So far, I have liked all kind of foods I have tried specially the acai which is a fruit. Every day you can try a new kind of food and also learn many things.

The first day of the program, I met the coordinator of my program.  She is a really smart and helpful person. She helped me to register for my classes at the university and also to learn how to take the buses around the city. The next day she showed me the place of where my volunteering program was going to be. The place is called “Bahia Street” and it is a little house that helps girls to stay away of trouble by applying art and education into their lives. Besides the coordinator of the program, I met a helper who is a guy working hard for his community and to get his education done. With few resources, he has learned English pretty well and has lot knowledge about his city and its problems. Also this week, I met my Portuguese teacher who in one hour taught me things I did not learn in my last Portuguese class at college.

I feel really lucky to be here today because it was one my goals in life. To come to Brazil and improve my Portuguese but besides learning a new language, I am learning about the Brazilian culture, history, social issues and the humanity that this country has to offer.

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  • Week 1

    August 04, 2012
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