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Adventures in Ghana 2013

Tales from wandering Cape Coast, relaxing on the beach, and working in the forest.

T-minus 24 hours until take off!!

United States Washington, United States  |  Jan 02, 2013
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Only one day left in the States, and it still feels surreal!! After so long and many changed "last" decisions, I am going abroad! Although a lot different from my original plan to study abroad in France, (and then in Switzerland, and then possibly Canada, and then perhaps Kenya) Ghana will be exciting, challenging, and a grand adventure! And much more thrilling than studying in France. However, in true Molly fashion, I still don't have all my stuff together and ready to go. Today will be hectic!

I am SO excited for Ghana!! I am excited to be out of my comfort shell, to force myself to try new food, to traipse around a forest, to be somewhere so amazingly different than the States.  

I guess that's all for now! I have to go pack for a drive to Seattle, flight to Chicago, a FIFTY minute layover (which is INSANE; hopefully I don't 1.miss my flight or 2. pass out from exhaustion trying to make it on time) overnight flight to Germany, an eight hour layover (so tempting to try and leave the airport during this, but I must resist!), and then arrival in Accra Friday night!

Adventure is out there!!

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  • T-minus 24 hours until take off!!

    January 02, 2013
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