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No idea.

  • Currently in Puyo, Ecuador

Yana Cocha near Puyo, Ecuador

My proworld experience at the animal rescue center in Ecuador.

First few days

Ecuador Puyo, Ecuador  |  Feb 07, 2013
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I landed in Quito and was picked up by my ProWorld rep. I actually did not know that I would be spending the first weekend in Quito before heading to the jungle. I had a lot of fun touring the city, learning some history, tasting local foods, and sight seeing around the Equator (a lot of fun!) and a community project. I met some people from all different programs, was in a comfortable hostel, and I even went out for the superbowl. We were so surprised they wouldn't sell beer after 4 pm! What a bummer, but even worse was they skipped the commercials! It was a lot of fun to make friends so quickly and go out together.

My busride from Quito to Puyo was stunning. In some areas, I experienced a newfound appreciation of all the comforts I have at home while observing the poverty and graffiti, but then in other locations I was astounded by how beautiful the scenary is! After visiting Hawaii so many times, it can almost be difficult to impress me, but this drive was worth the trip in itself! There was huge foliage, waterfalls, mountainscape and valleys, interesting clouds, and a river. 

My first few days volunteering were a mix of good and bad. I was still very tired from the altitude and the travel, and I felt disoriented and confused about what my responsibilities were, but soon I made friends with so many animals!

I have to cut this entry short because I am learning some dance for Carnival weekend. 

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  • There is a shop in Quito that makes chocolate from the bean to the dessert. Que Rico!

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  • First few days

    February 07, 2013
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