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What is the most unusual word that you have ever heard?

llullaillaco. it's a volcano in argentina. that's not really intersting in itself, but spanish phonetics on quechua words is pretty interesting looking.

  • 28 years old
  • From Illinois, United States
  • Currently in Cordoba, Argentina

Peru: para mi & para you

ramblings concerning a four month stay in Cusco, Peru. circa winter/spring or rainy/almostnolongerrainy 2011 depending on your hemisphere/climate zone.

In Fear of the All-knowing Retrospect

United States Illinois, United States  |  Jan 01, 2011
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 This entry is a plea from the former/currentlywriting me not to be forgotten, not to be misunderstood, not to be reduced. 

I guess this first journal entry in "Peru: para mi & para you" is mostly para mi.  As the imminence of my experience in Peru presses firmly on my suddenly fragile psyche, I kind of want to start this journal project before my mind is surrounded by so much unfamiliarity that it can no longer find roots in the only reality I've ever known.  By writing this first draft with my feet kept warm by a little space heater in my suburban bedroom in the good ole USofA, I hope I can at least look back on this entry as a remnant of how things were and I hope that I can still relate.  While I fully acknowledge the power of these prior twenty years of personal formation, putting myself thousands of miles away from all of those people, places, and processes while simultaneously being tossed into a new culture with a new language and all together new conception of reality will certainly bring new meaning to my "old" life.  This entry is a plea from the former/currentlywriting me not to be forgotten, not to be misunderstood, not to be reduced. 

While all of this sounds a bit presumptuous of the supposed POWER of cultural immersion, it's worth noting that I fully expect all of my presumptions to be completely shaken and torn down; the only presumption I'll place any sort of stock into is the one that says "dude, all of your presumptions are probably stupid."  I know that I will experience things that will expand and enrich my concept of reality.  The rest is just ignorant speculation based on things I've read or heard or not actually experienced.  Here comes the doing.  Nine days til verylong&allalone.

It's about to get real.

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    MattNoonan wrote: Thu Jan 6, 2011
    lauren, i'm fully prepared to have my life changed by this whole thing, but what i was saying is that i'm not going to make any assumptions about how or why that might happen; i have no specific expectations, i'm just open to it.
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    Lauren_Johanson has read MattNoonan's journal and gave it a thumbs up Wed Jan 5, 2011
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    I don't want to make false promises, but in my experience, cultural immersion is POWERFUL! I'm sure you will experience many life altering things here in Peru. We can't wait to meet you! Keep up the writing and reflecting - it will make the experience all the more powerful.