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What was the dumbest thing you ever did while traveling?

accidentally climbed a mountain (not a terribly large one) in mid-may in yellowstone because we failed to read a FULL description of the trail before starting our hike. once we found snow shoes tracks, we knew we were screwed, but continued up anyways.

  • 28 years old
  • From Illinois, United States
  • Currently in Cordoba, Argentina

Peru: para mi & para you

ramblings concerning a four month stay in Cusco, Peru. circa winter/spring or rainy/almostnolongerrainy 2011 depending on your hemisphere/climate zone.

Phase Two: Sort of Just Like The First

Peru Arequipa, Peru  |  Apr 26, 2011
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 In my head, this blog is a lot like my first one. And after reading that again, I realized how stupid I was then, and how stupid I must still be now. 

I realize that my ProWorld experience is officially over for now, but I’m still on the road, still on a largely unfamiliar continent, and I still have this here blog to maybe send a little bit of my voice back home for you and you and probably not really anyone to read.  Thanks though.

So, about twenty minutes ago, my good friend—it’s amazing how quickly people become your good friend when everyone around is awesome and in need of someone else to reflect and bounce off of—Katrina just got on her bus back to Cusco while I sit here at the bus station in Arequipa, awaiting my bus to Tacna, on my way to Chile.  She was the last familiar face I’ll see until I meet my buddy Eisen at the Córdoba airport in Argentina on May 17th.  That thought is initially completely terrifying.  But here I am, probably on my first step of many towards insanity, with my heart still beating and my knee nervously shaking the coffee cup that rests on this janky table at which I happen to be nesting currently.  There’s music in my head phones and nothing is really any different than any time or any place else.

In my head, this blog is a lot like my first one.  And after reading that again, I realized how stupid I was then, and how stupid I must still be now.  Everything is fine and nothing is new.  Everything that I’m going to experience in the next four weeks is nothing out of the ordinary for anyone else but me.  Thus, all things are under control, just maybe a little bit out of mine.  The world spins no matter where you are.  It’s all a matter of perspective and finding a place in space-time, but it’s pretty important to remember that space-time happens everywhere and everywhen.  The world isn’t a news clip.  It’s not a National Geographic article.  It’s a drunk guy in the market asking me (it happened to be me, but it could have been any other gringo) if I’ll say hello to his girlfriend on the phone just because I’m American.  The world is every little old lady on some corner who knows how to make tamales like nobody’s business.  It’s the people that work at bus stations and watch locals wish their relatives good-bye and safe travels after a holiday home with the family or who watches every bright-eyed, white-skinned tourist be a little excited and maybe a little nervous for the next stretch of unexplored road. 

Everyone has their place and time and none of them are all that surprising or exciting, but every single one is unique.  And the fact that every single one is unique makes them all have something in common.  That common ground is the human experience and it’s swell.  So here’s to going to places that are new to me and older than dirt to those that know them.  Here’s to every funny situation I get myself into that is just another completely normal thing that happens to one person experiencing something completely unique and completely normal.  Unique is the norm.  Normal is nothing to write home about.  Time to get mediocre. 

(50 cent just came on the radio in the bus station; go shawty, it’s yuh berfday)

I met a guy from Kansas after hiking up the biggest canyon in the world the other day, and he lives in Tacna, which is where I’m headed.  I think he’s going to find me a free place to stay there just for a night and then I’m off to CHI-CHI-CHI LE-LE-LE ¡VIVA CHILE!

Maybe they don’t eat so much bread and cheese as they do here.

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