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Peru: para mi & para you

ramblings concerning a four month stay in Cusco, Peru. circa winter/spring or rainy/almostnolongerrainy 2011 depending on your hemisphere/climate zone.


Peru Cusco, Peru  |  Apr 14, 2011
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 So, here’s to technology. 

Mmm.  So, I’ve been without my computer for something like 3 weeks due to a fried charger and I guess I’ve learned some things about myself as a result. 

After about four days, I realized that I no longer sang songs that I liked, but rather songs that I had recently heard.  For instance, rather than Blaming It On The Tetons or belting out some Fleet Foxes or Tallest Man On Earth while I hiked up some 5,000 meters—that’s like a billion feet— to El Glaciar de Chicón, I sang an embarrassingly familiar dance club tune that went a little something like: “I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad.”  Yea.  Magic foggy green mountain moments ruined.

Also, after hiking the Inka Trail this past weekend without any sort of epic travelin’, hoofin’, droolin’ soundtrack, I realized that my Machu Picchu experience will always lack musical accompaniment.  That’s kind of devastating, really.  The only consolation was listening to Barb Klun’s iPod on the Hiriam Bingham Express back up to Ollantaytambo.  But Weezer wasn’t really the musical memory I had in mind for the life event/milestone/rollercoaster that was my experience with the Inka Trail/Machu Picchu. 

Since having my computer back, I’ve reveled in the accessibility of tasty music and I’ve put that convenience as close to my fingertips as possible ever since.  The result has been some finger lickin’ goodness.  Just a short jaunt through the Plaza de Armas being healed by Marvin Gaye (thank you, Laura Smith) or falling asleep to one of Soy un Caballo’s Belgian-French lullabies (thank you, Erich Sneller) or, especially, a trash-can reminiscent combi ride grooving to Gangsta by tUnE-yArDs really take my abilities to sense to a whole new level.  I just made myself a playlist for the coming six weeks of lonesome/semi-lonesome traveling and I can’t wait to bathe myself in good vibrations; god knows I won’t be bathing myself in water…

I also realized that I eat a lot more chocolate cake when I don’t have the internet to waste my time for me.  To be fair, the cake here is heavenly—talkin’ ‘bout some selva negra with lúcuma—but when I have twenty minutes between classes, no internet, and my favorite pastelería right up the road, there’s really only one possible result. 

Though I’ve kind of felt a little bit dead to the world since my computer’s been on the fritz, the world has definitely become a bit more alive to me.  I mean to say, there are too many books to read, too many snowy mountains to notice, too much flowy stuff dancing in the breeze, and too many interesting chunks of miscellaneous who-knows-what flowing in the gutter to spend any sort of extended period of time sitting at a computer typing a blog for no one to read.  That being said, it is nice to put finger to key (not so romantic as pen to paper, I know) and spew some thoughts onto the vastness of a Microsoft Word document. 

So, here’s to technology.  Or whatever.

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  • User Profile Photo
    Adriana wrote: Fri Aug 31, 2012
    Great picture. Hope to experience that one day!
  • User Profile Photo
    Mike wrote: Sun Apr 17, 2011
    I can relate, my computer was fried for a good two weeks in Tokyo, and I was stuck with the same 3 albums on my mp3 player, granted, more than you have, but I will forever associate long rides on the Yamanotesen with that Minus the Bear EP between Pirates and Menos, the odd neighborhood of Hamamatsucho with Tub Ring, and hungover Sundays with Murder by Death. At the time I felt like you seem to feel, upset without my Mt. Fuji music and such, but now I just realize its part of the journey, and that's how it was supposed to be. And at least you don't have a severe emotional attachment to schmaltzy crap like this: Thank you very much host-sister and your TV habits. But whatever, I love that song. Fuck the bullshit. And this one: In retrospect they are the same song.