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Chile & Argentina: Surrounded by a Bunch of Friends that I Have Yet to Meet

ramblings concerning a 6 week jaunt through Chile & Argentina. April/May2011

Update I: Just So You Know I'm Not Dead

Argentina Cordoba, Argentina  |  May 06, 2011
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Welp, I done made it to Córdoba.  All safe and sound, all more or less alone.  Or at least as alone as you can be when you’re a social type person traveling alone.  Every stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

My first stop in this country was in Salta, which is a pretty dull city with some pretty cool surroundings, apparently.  I didn’t really do too much exploring there because I was just passing through.  In the two days that I was there, I met some great people from the UK in my hostel.  Or, I guess some combination of all those islands over there off the coast of Europe proper (England, Scotland, Ireland, whatevs).  As seems to be a general trend with most passing people from different places with a similar enough language, we talked about where we were going and where we’ve been, different words we use, and food that we find particularly amazing.  Definitely a good waste of two days.

Now, I find myself in Córdoba, currently couchsurfing with Guada, who speaks that nasty Argentine Castellano (Casteshano) like there’s a fire under her ass and cooks like a champ.  I’ve hung out with her and her friends the last couple of days as I’m sort of taking my time to jump into the whole being a tourist/spending money doing awesome things business.  Tonight I’m going to a cookout without the couchsurfing community here in Córdoba.  And I might be going on a hike with another couchsurfing contact, Benjamin, who was actually visiting Chicago in late 2010.  Cool.  He said he might have a car to use which would make this my first ride in a non-taxi, non-combi, non-micro, non-colectivo, non-omnibus on this continent.  I think.

After that, I think next week I might take a trip to a Natural/Cultural Reserve in the north of the Córdoba Province.  I might do that alone.  Bring some food.  Camp.  Enjoy the stars.  Maybe after that, I’ll have something of substance to say.  For now, this little summary will have to do. ps: long account of couchsurfing and the magic of couchsurfing/small profiles on each of my hosts to come at the end of this trip.  Cool!

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