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Thailand Adventure

To document my experience during my Thailand Internship.

First Few Days

Thailand OmKoi, Thailand  |  Feb 06, 2013
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 Life is much more simple here 

        I have been here for only four days so far and I am amazed at how different things are. The living situations here are the basic and people get by just fine. It makes the US look silly when we need the fancy houses, stores, cars etc. Life is much more simple here... and it is a nice change of pace. To be able to sleep with windows open (because they don't really close) and wake to roosters crowing and rallying their rooster troops. [hopefully I will be able to load a video so you can hear what I mean] Most everything here in OmKoi is simple. Meals are lovely, yet again simple. So far the bamboo and egg is my favorite.        For the past few days I have been helping Pe Ning, Pe Choom, Pe Moot, and Pe M take reti nal images and pressure measurements of the hilltribe people who have hypertension or diabetes. I think a lot about Kait because I know that she has done this in optometry school. Today, I served my first monk. They are so greatly respected (and rightly so) that I just wanted to wei and wei again. Again, I am amazed and touched by the respect that is given to everyone here, especially the elders. Pe Ning showed me a little bit about taking blood today, which I am really anxious to actually try. I don't want to hurt anyone... though the hilltribe people seem like they can withstand anything.       So far I am doing good with taking in the good and the bad. I've been getting car sick when we go into the mountains, but it seems to be getting better. I think the most of it was just jet lag and lack of sleep. There are so many beautiful sights here in Thailand that even while being sick you really have to stop and appreciate the beauty of this land. Also, the clothing of the hilltribe people is fantastic. They weave it themselves and the colors are so bright and beautiful, a lot of bright bright pink.      Tomorrow I will be going out to the village with Pe Ning to help. Write soon.
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  • First Few Days

    February 06, 2013
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