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Peru Urubamba, Peru  |  Aug 04, 2012
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 You just have to come here and live it, learn from it and enjoy it. I will definitely do this again. 

Yes. it has been too long since I have written a journal entry. Is it because I have been lazy or is it because I truly have no idea how to express the immensity of what has happened here in Urubamba; I must say that it might be a combination of both. So much has happened in the past couple of weeks.. I have been working with the stoves project, traveled to Machu Picchu, enjoyed my last couple of days with the Pro-world staff and volunteers, ate awesome food and am now finally packing up to head back to the US.

There is so much that I want to say, and I am kind of hating myself right now that I haven't kept up with the journal entries, but better late than never! I can't even explain what I am feeling right now.. I have been looking forward to this trip so much for the past couple of months, and now that it is 1 day from ending makes me feel.. confused, yet satisfied. It is going to be interesting to get back to the hustle-bustle of life and everything else, but I am SO glad that I took time off to come here and volunteer and experience the peruvian culture. I cannot believe that I have managed to improve my Spanish, able to lived in a climate that is hot in the afternoon and cold in the night, worked every morning building stoves, managed to live without showering for a good amount of days and managed to eat rice and potatoes for pretty much every day that I was here. 

For everyone that has wanted to volunteer in a different country, or for those who are even somewhat thinking about it, DO IT. I cannot really explain to you why because I do not have the skills to paint the wonderful picture of what is my trip to Peru. You just have to come here and live it, learn from it and enjoy it. I will definitely do this again.

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