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What was your most challenging travel experience?

Growing up in an Indian family and not speaking my native language of Punjabi very well as a child, I always had this anxiety about not being understood. When I traveled to Belize the first time, I was put in charge of checking people into our clinic/tent amidst a market in Belmopan. I didn't speak a lick of Spanish and nearly everyone that was coming up to the clinic preferred speaking Spanish over English. That anxiety I felt growing up when elders would try to converse with me as a kid came rushing back. I had to literally take a step back and take a very deep breath. Luckily, many of my fellow volunteers spoke Spanish fairly well.

  • From Windsor, Canada
  • Currently in San Ignacio, Belize

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Reuniting with Belize, my long lost love! This trip is more than a getaway, as I have some serious ...

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  • Letter to the Prime Minister of Belize

    Wed Jul 27, 2011

    The National Struggle of Diabetes in Belize A Letter of Concern Dear Hon. Dean Barrow,             I write to you with hopes that I can stir in you the concern I have with the public health concern of how widespread diabetes mellitus has beco…  Read More

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    rachelannegray wrote: Thu Aug 18, 2011
    Hey lady!

    I just wanted to give you a shout out and say that I think what you are doing is wonderful. I went to business school, but have really been thinking about medical school with the goal of doing a program similar to the one you are in. I have so much admiration for what you do, and love reading your posts. Stay beautiful :)
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    BhavikaChepuri wrote: Mon Jul 25, 2011
    Whats up girl? Thanks for the "shout out" haha. I am so jealous that you're headed to Belize in a few days! I loved my time there and so wish I was going back, or had been able to stay for longer. Looking forward to when we get back to school to swap a bunch of stories -- wishing you safe travels and have the trip of a lifetime chica!

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Belize, Canada, Guatemala, India, United Kingdom, United States