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If you could travel to any place in any period in history, where would you go?

I wish I could travel to Elizabethan era England and watch Shakespeare's plays live. I am obsessed with Victorian styles and ways of life. It was a period where the arts reigned supreme.

  • From Windsor, Canada
  • Currently in San Ignacio, Belize

Belize 2011 - Mission Accepted

Reuniting with Belize, my long lost love! This trip is more than a getaway, as I have some serious goals I hope to achieve during my time in beautiful Belize.

Departure In Sight

Canada Toronto, Canada  |  Jul 25, 2011
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 Belize, to me, is a place where the sunshine reaches your soul, the waters cleanse your doubts and the people make you believe in humanity once more. 

Dear Journal,

      July 29th, 2011. A date I have been waiting for months now. Like a climber finally seeing the peak of the mountain, my anticipation is getting to a point that I cannot contain it anymore. After countless hours of planning and collecting supplies, the time where that work begins to take real form is quickly approaching, and I could not be more excited.

      Belize, to me, is a place where the sunshine reaches your soul, the waters cleanse your doubts and the people make you believe in humanity once more. Never have I felt more at home then in this place I like to call Central America's best kept secret. This will be my third time travelling to Belize, but the first time I will be going with serious goals and plans for my time there.

     Alongside other ProWorld interns, I will be volunteering at the San Ignacio hospital, learning more about their healthcare by shadowing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and helping out in any way I can. Learning about Belize healthcare first hand is very imporant to me because I hope to learn what needs to be improved so that one day I can help make those changes on a national scale in Belize. Improving Public Health standards in developing countres is something I am passionate about and a career I am very interested in pursuing. This experience will give me the chance to really experience what healthcare is like in Belize from the prospective of both the patients and the providers.

      Outside of working in the hospital, I also hope to do some other work in the local area. I have been collecting basic medical supplies, like band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, and gauze, for the past three months. When I travelled to Belize the first time, I witnessed how little people living in the rural areas have when it comes to these supplies. When a small wound is not properly taken care of, it can quickly become infected and turn into a much more serious problem, esspecially if the infection reachs the bloodstream. I wanted to give some people living in these rural areas some of these supplies to help combat these small, but potentially serious, medical issues.

      While collecting, I recieved many things that I hope to also donate to schools, orphanages, and women's shelters. I hope to meet the children and people at these places. There are few experiences I enjoy more than hearing locals tell me their personal stories. It makes me feel like I am truly looking at the world through exotic eyes.

      I have also been working on a proposal about the diabetes epidemic in Belize. Over 10% of the population has this awful disease and the numbers are only climbing. I was inspired to write about this health issue when I saw, while traveling the counry the first time, how little people knew about long term health implications of food choice. Throughout the country, I saw AIDS awareness posters and campaigns, but nothing about diabetes, which affects far more people. International organizations, like WHO and the Canadian government, have made strides to help out with this effort, but I truly believe lasting change must come from within. So I wrote a proposal to the Belizean Minstry of Health in hopes of stirring some, if any, attention, on how important it is to promote healthy choices and habits to the public. With some help from my local friends, I am hoping to get it into the right hands. Well wishes and prayers are all welcomed!

      Just a few more sleeps and I will be venturing out into a place where I feel most at ease, but this time with a mission on hand! My wish for this trip is to learn a lot and give back to a country that has given me a passion and a vision to make this world a better place.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in Belize!


P. Batth  

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    PKBatth's journal made Vicki Batth smile Tue Aug 2, 2011
    do smile
    Good Luck for your mission. love you MOM
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    BhavikaChepuri wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2011
    have a great time, PK! See you in a few weeks at school!
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    ElsieStorm has read PKBatth's journal and gave it a thumbs up Fri Jul 29, 2011
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    Yyyeeaaah! Can't wait to hear more about it!